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Friday, 31 December 2010

Clyde Shumakov Tubefly SBS

This new step by step has been produced in conjunction with Mid Clyde Angling Association and Glasgow Angling Centre

All the materials and equipment needed and much more can be found at the Glasgow Angling Centre for this step by step you can find it on our website or drop into the shop for advice.

A very versatile salmon fly.
Click on the image to see the full step by step!

Materials used for this dressing:
Tube - Shumakov Tubes
Tube Grooves - Fill in with coloured Varnish, model paint or thread.
Thread - Black Uni 8/0 or 70 Denier UTC Thread.
Flash - Angel Hair/ Hanked Lite Brite, in Pearl Green Olive, Gold and Firefox Peacock
Under Wing - Yellow Arctic Fox.
Over Wing - Black Arctic Fox.
Cheeks - Pair of Jungle Cock Eyes.
Hackles - Yellow and Black  Hackles, you can use Metz Magnum Saddles, or Schlappen Feathers

Check back for more Step-by-Steps in the future!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

To Lure A Killer DVD - Now In Store!

No more waiting!  The copies of Hywel Morgan and Ant Glascoe's DVD: "To Lure A Killer" have just arrived in store.  This is sure to be a fantastic seller, so hurry and get your copy here today!!
To Lure A Killer - Now In Store

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Davie McPhail joins team BugBond

Dave Edwards from BugBond has announced that Davie McPhail has joined the Bug-Bond Pro-Tying team. Davie is well known for tying here at the Glasgow Angling Centre but probably more famous for his YouTube channel. Since starting to use Bug-Bond in October this year he's made a number of tying videos using the Bug-Bond system.

Check out his latest one here!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

2011 Tachyon XC HD Cameras now in stock!

The all new 2011 Tachyon XC HD headcams are now in stock!
The 2011 Tachyon XC HD
These HD cams offer sharp, wide-screen recording of your fishing adventures. All Tachyon Head Cams feature waterproofing without the need of a bulky external case, and a patented Dive-Lock system that can take your camera down 100 feet below the surface. For video they give you a wide field of view and terrific light-gathering ability. Tachyon XC Cams are the only ones on the market that can make use of the full range of SDHC and Micro SDHC cards; from 4 to 32GB. Be one of the first in the country to get one, online or instore!

Check out this cool video made by suspending a Tachyon XC Micro beneath a float and trotting it through a pool of a river!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

December Clearance Sale Lists

Everyone loves a bargain!
OK so I forgot to put these on the blog last week! We still need to make space for all the new gear that coming so there are some extra special prices in there and I have added loads of new stuff with up to 80% off! There's also some sheets sorted by brand for all you tackle tarts as usual!

This month we have added some click through links that take you straight to the product on the website so you can buy it instantly! Just click on the code if it is blue. We will be adding more products to the website over the next few weeks so January's lists should have almost all items available to buy online!

Click here to see the lists

Remember the stock levels are not live, and if your not fast...your last!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Tachyon XC Micro Headcam

The Tachyon XC Micro
I got one of these last year and I take it everywhere with me now! Then lot of the guys I fish and shoot with went out and bought one once they saw how easy it was to use and the quality of the footage you can get. I got so fed up telling people where to buy them I decided to stock them in the shop! So from next week Glasgow Angling Centre will be official Tachyon XC dealers - probably the first tackle shop in Europe to stock any kind of headcam!
Strap it to your hat!
Just strap it to your hat (or whatever you like) and the Tachyon XC Micro camera will capture your fishing experiences from POV perspective. Film in high quality 30fps video or cool time lapse photos, the camera records on MicroSD cards up to 32gb and runs for 4 hours on Energizer Lithium batteries. It's also shockproof and waterproof to depths of 30 metres, without the need for an external case - ideal for those underwater release shots! And look out for the Tachyon XC HD camera coming early in 2011.

Here's one of my favourite videos from 2010

To Lure a Killer!

To Lure A Killer! Pike fishing on the fly and lures is the latest DVD to be caught and released from BEARLEFT.TV starring champion fly fisherman Hywel Morgan and professional predator angler Ant Glascoe Jr.
Beginning on the picturesque banks of Esthwaite Water high in the Lake District these expert anglers exchange trade secrets, styles and even rods as both try to convince the other that their technique could gain the upper hand.
Hywel takes his lightweight and minimal approach with delicate presentation and surgical precision as he hunts these prehistoric predators like a sniper. Ant gathers up and talks us through his extreme arsenal of loud lures and heavy equipment he uses on a daily bases to pull his quarry from the depths in his know for, and loved, rock ‘n’ roll style!
A nice lure caught double for Ant
Confident in their own skills and disciplines, but truly novices at each other’s, they learn and teach how to use swim baits, hard baits, jerk baits and soft baits, plus how to chuck some impressive fluff and aerialise the perfect loop. But which of the approaches comes out on top? Does Hywel hook his first targeted pike on his trusty fly rod or on the unfamiliar Woody and Alien lures of Ants? Safe to say that the rest of the lake knew about it when he lifted into that fight!
Can Ant get to grips with false casting or the double haul? You will have to watch it to find out!
Hywel gets a nice pike on the fly
Thanks to David Colman, the ranger for his warm welcome at Esthwaite Water, around 42lb of green finned perfection added up to a good day in the boat and the programme was supposed to end there. However, the camaraderie and fun they shared was such an addictive experience that they just had to go for another day and another venue.
After packing up their gear they were on the phone to another ranger Nathan Clayton of the Anglian Water owned Pitsford reservoir and started driving the long road south to Northamptonshire and this was to become the setting for a quick action packed day that doesn’t disappoint either of our heroes. With some cracking jacks jumping onto both rods during this fast paced session all of the methods worked a treat and with the pike handled with a pro touch they were released healthy and safe back to the inky depths.

This DVD will leave you not only with a smile on your face but with a hunger and passion to try the same methods. Whether you’re a fly fishing enthusiast, or a predator hunter there is no doubt that these guys and their techniques are incredibly effective if you want TO LURE A KILLER!


Contact Glasgow Angling Centre to reserve your copy HERE!

Greys XF2 rods now in stock!

One of next years hot products will surely be the XF2 range from Greys - and they arrived in stock today!
Greys XF2 rods now in stock!
Bringing the best selling X-flite bang up to date with the introduction of more features and better fit and finish at an excellent price. Fitted with the new aerospace grade aluminium two part reel seat, designed in-house by Greys engineers for better form and function and a Greys custom cork composite tipped AAA grade cork handle for better durability and a more comfortable grip. They also feature section line up marks for perfect alignment and a triangular 'colour coded' Cordura rod tube.

Also in stock are the XF2 Streamflex rods and the XF2 Carnivore rods. The XF2 Streamflex+ will be here in January 2011.

Check out the full range here!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Urban Sea Trout

Mads with an awesome urban Sea Trout
Here we go again... we had some amazing sea trout on our last 2 street fishing trips in the centre of Copenhagen city!! we had 5 nice fish for the camera - topped by this male warrior of 5,5kg!! Again the Savage Gear Soft 4play worked the magic !!! all fish released unharmed. Great sport!

Guideline Salar Synthetic Series

Mikael Frödin sent me this exciting new material at the start of the week, here what he has to say about it!
Mikael at Work
In the last 20 years synthetic materials have taken over a big part of the choice of materials in fly tying. I am myself part of the hair-fly-generation but when I started there was no flash or Angel Hair nor any exciting synthetic dubbing combinations. At that time we were dubbing natural materials and the favourite was seal’s fur that gave a somewhat translucent appearance. When you look at what today’s dubbing's can do you realize that the progress is pretty amazing. The synthetic materials are in many ways superior the qualities of the natural materials.When flash materials entered the market it revolutionized all fly boxes! The flash flies created effects that were very favourable and above all changed the cold water fishing completely. That was the beginning of a frenetic chase of new exciting materials. Most of the new materials originated from The USA and were intended to be used in other fashions than what we really wanted to use them for. Ever since I have tested hundreds of different dubbing combinations, flash in all imaginable qualities and colours, some good, some very bad and some became favourites. The supply of different synthetic material more or less exploded during the 80’s as well as the 90’s and has yet not decreased. Today there are synthetic materials that can replace natural material in almost every aspect – with emphasis on “almost” – thank heavens! The connection to natural materials in fly tying is classical and should remain a part of the art of fly tying in my opinion!
Gradually the question arouse – why should we look for material that might suit our way of tying? Why look for colour combinations that almost live up to our expectations and might be mixable or adjusted to my/our patterns. Why?! Why not contact the manufacturers and tell them exactly what we want? Precise and exactly with the qualities and colour combinations we always have been striving for. Since we’ve reached so far when it comes to progress and functionality, tying technique, pattern and thoughts on how material ought to be used and how flies should swim – why not manufacture material that completely live up to our expectations?!

SSS - Guidelines New Material
Said and done! Shim Hogan became the natural choice – the man behind Angel Hair and many other fabulously exciting and good products – the man for whom nothing is impossible - a true visionary, a passionate fly tier as well as fisherman. One of the true trend setters in the world of synthetic fly tying. His answer to the question whether he could help me was: “You tell me what you want and I’ll do it for you!” Fabulous! As the samples started to present themselves I felt like a kid in a candy store. I let Håkan Norling in on the project and soon we had created a series of 15 different colour combinations. These became the base of what is today called the SSS – “Salar Synthetic Series” which consist of six different materials. The idea is to let the series grow with an addition of one or two products per year. The list of wishes was long but in my opinion one should hurry slowly. A good result is of more importance to me!
SSS Angel Hair
I use SSS Angel Hair in almost all my fly creations today. In the smallest flies I use merely one or two strands of Angel Hair as the only flash element. In the bigger flies I mix Angel Hair and natural hair to create an optimal and appetizing mix. Angel Hair was a god sent for my fly designs. I have often made my own mixtures, colour combinations to harmonize well with my patterns. It was rather natural for me to start creating my own Angel Hair blends. I have put together 15 different blends where three of them have strongly fluorescent streaks. With these blends I manage all of my creations - from the smallest fly for sunny days to the meanest, biggest fly for the murkiest water.
SSS Angel Hair HD
HD stands for heavy duty. This is a heavier type of Angel Hair. The material is somewhere between common flash and the original Angel Hair quality. Many times you experience the common flash to be too heavy and the Angel Hair too thin. Voilà! The solution was Angel Hair HD. I have longed for this material for a very long time. This material replaces the flash in small flies and the Angel Hair in the bigger ones. This kind also comes in 15 different colour blends. You get the whole colour chart with the three hot, fluorescent colours as an extra spicy alternative.
SSS Dubbing
I have never understood why you should dub without brushing. The ultimate qualities of dubbing are to create a body that reflects and lets through as much light as possible. Most dubbing's have too short strands to fit big flies. If you brush it half of the material will fall off which makes it impossible to get the right lustre. The structure of the SSS Dubbing consists of transparent synthetic fibres, dyed and mixed with the SSS Angel Hair blends. The strands of the Angel Hair are cut long enough to enable the brushing without them falling off the body. The 15 colour combinations give you many imaginable variations for everything you tie!

Read more about our fly tying products here.

Mikael Frödin

Saturday, 11 December 2010

GAC March Open Weekend 2011

We have now confirmed the dates for our March Open Weekend! On the 4th,5th and 6th of March 2011 we will host the perfect pre-season event. Come along and receive expert advice and tuition form our superb line-up of fishing stars who will be attending the weekend to help anglers get the most from their sport. They will be there to offer workshops, demonstrations, talks and much much more. Plus have a look at the latest gear from all the top brands and of course we will have hundreds of bargains on offer for the three days. So stick the dates in your diary and join the thousands of anglers who attend these special days!
Davy McPhail @ the last Open Weekend
Check back here for updates and since we put these events on for YOU guys, let us know who and what YOU want to see at the March Open Weekend at Glasgow Angling Centre by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook page and we will see what we can do!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

2011 Fly Tying Catalogue now Available!

Our new Fly Tying catalogue is now available, order yours now from our website or pick one up in the store!
2011 Fly Tying Catty - Now Available!
The catalogue contains our most popular items and some of the latest gear, but we stock much, much more in the shop, if you are looking for something in particular simply call or email us, check instore or on our website!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Guideline Reaction Rods now in stock!

At last! The long awaited Guideline Reaction range has landed! Check them out in store or online now!

Guideline Reaction - in stock now!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

MacKenzie day at Bangour Postponed

A wee note from Scott about the upcoming DTX Day...

Dear All ,
For safety reasons due to severe weather,we have had to cancel the DTX Open day we had planned at Bangour Fishery on the 12th December,the day will be rescheduled but I have not got a new date at the moment, I'm sorry about this, but as you all know safety is always paramount,
Scott Mackenzie 

Watch this space for updates!

Gifts for Christmas

Yes Christmas Day is fast approaching, but there's still plenty of time to order some of the fantastic fishing gifts we have available in-store at Glasgow Angling Centre or online from our Fishingmegastore.  Don't forget you can also place your order through mail order by calling 0871 716 1670.
There's loads to choose from and with the weather being atrocious, there's no better time to buy warm clothing such as headwear, socks & gloves etc.  Popular items flying out the door just now also include:  the Zippo HandwarmerGuideline Enduro SocksSealskinz Socks and Gloves and much more.
Even if you are stuck for what to buy your loved ones, relatives etc, gift vouchers make an excellent gift this christmas, giving plenty choice and freedom to buy from our store.  So shop with us this Christmas and see why thousands of happy customers come back to us time and time again.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bug-Bond now Available

This winters hottest fly tying product is now available to buy from GAC. Bug-Bond does away with messy epoxies and varnishes and leaves you with a very slick system to finish flies with. Simply apply Bug-Bond where you need it and blast it with UV light from the special torch for a few seconds to set it. Its crystal clear and as tough as epoxy, making your flies bullet proof! Check out this video from Davie McPhail using Bug-Bond on a very seasonal Grayling bug!

Bug-Bond is ideal for trout, grayling and salmon flies and especially saltwater and pike patterns.
Bug-Bond - Click to find out more

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Soft 4play Videos

Check out the swimming action of the new Savage Gear Soft 4play in these two new videos!

These lures will be available in January and the first batch are sure to sell out quickly so pre order yours now!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

MacKenzie DTX Shooting Head rods are here!

Just in today are the new rods from Scott MacKenzie, the MacKenzie DTX Shooting Head Rods! These are based on the original best selling Mackenzie DTX Fly Rods but with tweaked blanks and fittings to better suit modern shooting head set ups. The handles are shorter and thicker in a more Scandinavian style than the standard DTX rods and the slightly faster actioned blanks are rated in ultra modern gram weights rather than the usual AFTMA ratings - don't worry though, if your still stuck on old money we will be listing the matching # numbers on the website as well. The rods come in 4 models - 12ft 27-30g (#7/8), 13ft 33-36g (#8/9), 14ft 38-40g (#9/10) and a 15ft 40-42g (#10/11).
DTX and DTX SH side by side - pic by S. Canny
The rods are available to buy from our fishingmegastore website today, or come to the store and see them in person!

Hardy & Greys, Fin & Fly November 2010

Click to see the latest edition!
The new edition of Fin & Fly is now live. If you haven't read it before, Fin & Fly is Hardy and Greys monthly e-zine where you can read about fishing tactics and tips, and Hardy Academy members share their latest fishing experiences. It's always filled with awesome photography, up to date information, great competitions and this month there is a special Fishing Christmas gifts section!

Click here to read the latest edition!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Emma's Seatrout Surprise!

A few days ago I invited Norwegian sales representative Atle Håkansson and Savage Gear testfisher(wo)man Emma Bäcker for a day perch fishing. The weather was horrible, and the rain poured down most of the day. Nevertheless, it was going to be an incredibly eventful day. The fish actually weren't all that cooperative, but this didn't stop the three experienced anglers from making great results. Once again, the Savage Gear Soft 4Play lures rocked! They accounted for all the perch landed, and among them were a few monsters with Atle's 1,750 kilo fish the biggest. It hit the Soft 4Play with cruel intentions and it fought bravely with lots of mean head-shaking and short aggressive runs.
A double hookup for Emma and Mads
Emma was the one who caught the fish of the day, however. She fished with the greatest of concentration and determination, and with her female charms, she lured a massive male seatrout into striking. She fought the fish patiently and with great care, and after some 15 minutes she could land and release a monster searun trout of 6 kilos. It had completely inhaled the little Soft 4Play lure on the drop, and it delivered a hectic battle which would have made the legs of even the most experienced fisherman turn to jelly!
A big Seatrout falls for Emmas Soft 4play!
Check out our new Savage Gear Facebook site – packed with loads of great information and the latest news on Savage Gear products!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Andy Mill talks SINTRIX!

Tarpon legend Andy Mill and Hardy's top product development man Howard Croston talk about the new Hardy Zenith Sintrix Fly Rods and  the Hardy Proaxis Sintrix Fly Rods at the Tackle & Guns Show 2010

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fishing Gifts for Christmas

Christmas Fishing Gifts at Glasgow Angling Centre
If you are looking for the perfect gift for your family, friends and loved ones, our Fishingmegastore has a fantastic selection of fishing tackle and Fishing Christmas Gifts.  We have a specially selected range of products that are guaranteed to make anyone happy this Christmas!
For the budding fly angler, why not consider one of our fly tying kits and let them see how cool it is to catch fish on a self tied fly.  Our vast selection of fishing books and dvd's make ideal fishing gifts, giving you loads of tips and information to help you improve your skills and tactics.   Why not also check out our great selection of clothing, luggage, fishing rods, fishing reels, nets and novelty gift ideas for any specific type of fishing style. Alternatively, if you just can't decide, gift vouchers for our fishingmegastore are an ideal gift.
So shop at Glasgow Angling Centre's Fishingmegastore and see why we are number one for fishing tackle at Christmas!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

MacKenzie DTX day at Bangour

Scott MacKenzie will be holding a Test day at Bangour Trout Fishery on the 12th of December 2010. This is a chance for you to try the full Mackenzie DTX rod range, including the new Shooting Head rods,with the matching MacKenzie DTX lines under the watchful eye of some of the country's top instructors including Scott, Andrew Toft and Ian Kirk. As well as the current range of best selling rods and lines there will be a few of next years models to try as well. If you are a serious salmon angler you should not miss it!

Click to enlarge!
Check out the full range of Scott Mackenzie products here!

Ass whooping from the Misses!

A nice double for Emma
I've had a busy week , from fishing and blanking on Chew to getting my ass whooped by my misses, yet again. We fished a well known carp complex not far from Manchester, battling 50mph winds and dodging falling trees. In the 4 hour session we, well SHE, had a total of 7 pike, all of which where good doubles, with the smallest 10lb 6oz, Mine, to the biggest 16lb 12oz, it was hectic action.
Proud but still whooped!
With the change in the weather the pike were wolfing down baits - a fine example of why you should always fish semi barbed trebles on your deadbait traces, using the barbed point to secure the bait!
Neatly hooked on a deadbait

Ant Glascoe JR

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Accidental Trout for Mads!

A superb Brown Trout on the Fry
This superbly spotted trout hammered my Fry45 - just under the rod tip - huge shock!! Superb fight on my Savage Gear Parabellum Spin 9'2" 3-16g - the beautiful fish swam back unharmed after a fast photo... I was fishing for Perch - but had this big trout and one 2kg fish as well. Great fun!
The all new Savage Gear Fry
Savage Gear Fry lures will be in the shop in January!

November Clearance Lists go live!

Everyone loves a bargain!
I just finished making them today, not too late this month! We need to make space for all the new gear that coming so there are some extra special prices in there with up to 80% off! There's also some new sheets done, sorted by brand for all you tackle tarts out there!

Click here to see the lists

Remember the stock levels are not live, and if your not fast...your last!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Savage Gear Soft 4play on film!

During yesterdays filming of the new Savage Gear 2011 lure DVD, some great and spectacular predator fishing made the day one to remember!! The new Savage Gear Soft 4Plays again showed the great versatility and enormous potential to make a new soft lure swimbait revolution. We used it on the top, in the snags, on the drop, vertical and last but not least – in the new brilliant 4Play Lipscull’s trolled over the deeper parts of the lake! Many scenes on the way – but in the lead role, this furious brute of a 100cm+ heavy build pike, that absolutely hammered the 19cm Soft 4play Zander in the Lipscull 3 metres down over 6 metres of water – what a tremendous take – all for the camera!
A chunky autumn pike for Mads
Check out the remains of the big eel hanging from the mouth of the pike – only the skin was and head was left – the rest already digested! The day also resulted in a new Lake PR Perch of 50cm!! - of course the soft 4play did the trick!!
An amazing 50cm Perch falls for the new lure!
Brgds Mads Grosell

Monday, 1 November 2010

The Dogs Pollacks!

This year saw me take my first steps into Saltwater flyfishing and boy do I wish I'd tried it sooner! My first trip was with the guys from On Yer Marks when I was invited along to join a few lads for some inshore Pollack flyfishing from a boat. Gary had warned me of the power of these fish and not to be under-gunned so I took along my Guideline LPXE RS #9 weight and a #10 weight Sage Z-Axis. My reel choice is a Hardy Demon 7000 which, with it's cheap cassette-style spools, enables me to take along a range of lines. In this case, the terrain we were fishing over was some pretty hardcore reefs and kelp beds in roughly 30-40 feet of water so it was Airflo Depthfinder lines with a short Seaguar 23lb fluorocarbon leader.
A nice Pollack caught from the rocks on fly gear
I used the same set up on a camping/fishing trip to Skye with my mate Paul. This time it was clambering along the rocks and fishing directly into some crazy waves! One thing I'd suggest you do if you plan on trying this is to take good quality footwear, waterproof clothing and a lifejacket, a good line tray and definitely some insect repellent or you will be midge-fodder!!
The right clothing is essential for SWFF
For flies, I kept it simple. A waterproof fly box with a selection of Clouser Minnows in different weights and some Surf Candy style patterns for the shallower gulleys. These are tied with DNA Frosty Fish Fibre and Supreme Hair which is ideal for creating the Sandeel profiles.
Pollack of this standard are hard fighting fish!
If you're into hard fighting, wild fish on the fly rod then you MUST get booked up and try it!!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Monster Perch!!

4play soft - Coming soon!
Folks!, My first post here - a 2125g Perch taken on the new Soft 4Play from Savage Gear - due in the shop in January!

Greeeeeeat fishing here just now!!

Brgds Mads Grosell

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hardy SINTRIX now available to preorder! can now take customer pre-orders for the revolutionary new Hardy Zenith and Proaxis fly rods featuring the new Hardy SINTRIX technology. Be among the first anglers in the world to use these amazing new fly rods! The long awaited Zenith SINTRIX rods are due in January 2011 and the Proaxis SINTRIX will be delivered in March. Having tried out most of the range I can guarantee you will be impressed!
Zenith SINTRIX in action!

Monday, 25 October 2010

'Brian - where's the bait?'

After moaning about being bored once too often I persuaded a few colleague's from the Glasgow Angling Centre into a weekend trip for something a little childish and special. An all round favourite with the troops is an old school weekend chasing pike and perch. We spent a few weeks sorting days off and also winning some brownie points with the missus and kids (well I have to anyway!).
Chris with a big fat Percy!
So at the end of September we set off for the holiday chalet for the weekend on the banks of our favourite water. After preparing all the gear and gathering all the goodies together we empty the car to find NO PIKE BAIT!!!!. Erm it's perhaps still back in the shop freezer was the reply. Anyway, never to be daunted we rummaged through the chalet freezer for some hopelessly mangled baits from its deepest darkest depths and got wired in regardless.
Jamie shows off the standard of Perch he likes!
Over the weekend we fished several methods for the pike and perch alternating between both species.
For the perch we like to find some good underwater features and fire a few kilos of bait over the side just to get them interested. We fish over the top of the bait with Lobworms on Drop Shot style rods which is seriously good fun. When we start to get into some larger Perch we switch to the Savage Gear Cannibal Shads fished on Savage Gear Jig and Spin rods to eliminate the smaller Perch and get some big Stripey's for the camera.
Jamie and Brian keepin' it gangsta
While we are fishing for the Perch the commotion of catching barrel loads of the little sergeants always attracts the larger predators so we tend to have 2 float fished dead baits near the boat. If the Perch fishing suddenly drops off it's generally followed by one of these rods getting a take. If not 15mins fishing around the boat with a Savage Gear 4play picks up any Pike that have moved in.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Highland Pike Hunt

A few weeks back I joined fellow Pike angler and good mate Micky Jones on a trip to one of his local Pike haunts. Due to time constraints for both of us, the trip was going to be limited to an evening session followed by an early start the next morning. On the venue in question the Pike can be found lurking around the snags in shallow water so I set up two Sage Z-Axis rods, one with an SA Mastery Pike floating 9 weight and the other with the superb Guideline Pike Sink 1/Sink 3 10 weight. My leader make up is simplicity in itself: 5 or 6 feet of 25.5lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon joined by an Albright Knot to 2 feet of 26lb AFW Surflon wire. The fly is attached by means of a Jam Knot for maximum mobility. The reason my trace is so long is to allow multiple changes of the fly before it becomes too short for safe use. This may sound like a hindrance but having a leader set up with no clips or swivels etc will considerably help with casting!

A fighting fit 14 pounder!
I started with the floater as we brought the boat to a halt in 3ft of water 15m or so from a sunken tree which Micky assured me was a known lie. In my wallet I had several flies to choose from, Fulling Mill Baitfish, Sparklers and some Flashtail Whistlers. 3 casts in and a 14lb fish grabbed by quickly-stripped Whistler, result! Several other fish to low doubles followed that evening including some spectacular surface takes as the light faded.

The 21lb beast!
The icing on the cake was this cracking 21lb fish which nailed my Whistler on a drop off next to a weed bed. Using the Guideline Pike S1/S3 which has an intermediate belly with a long 3 inch per second sinking tip, enabled me to count down the line so I knew my fly was roughly 10ft down in 12ft of water, just along the weed-line…..where she was lying in wait!

Back she goes...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

UK G.Loomis NRX Pricing revealed!

Finally we have the UK price List for the new G. Loomis NRX rods!!! Starting from £769.99 for the 9' #3 all the way up to a whopping £1239.99 for the 15' #10/11- it is certainly an expensive rod but not as bad as some early predictions! The UK stock will start to arrive around the end of November with the Spey rods due in January.

Steve Rajeff - Designer of the NRX
Knowing Loomis and their past supply problems it will pay to get in quickly and pre order now before the first batch get snapped up by eager Loomis fans leaving us with a waiting list!!!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Hardy Sintrix on the test rig!

A couple of weeks ago I went down to Alnwick to see the guys from Hardy and Greys, and had a play with all the new gear they will be bringing out in 2011. One of the highlights was having a go of their rod test rig, with one of the new Hardy Sintrix rods. The rod was a normal, off the shelf, Hardy Zenith Sintrix 10' #7, which had been fished with a good few times but had earned the name 'Old Reliable' after beating the rig 21 times! I put it through the full test for the 22nd time and amazingly its still going strong, a testament to the hard work the Hardy team have put into the application of this new material.

Watch this space for more news on the new Hardy Zenith and Hardy Proaxis Sintrix rods and the new Greys XF2, XF2 Streamflex, Plus and Carnivore fly rods.

A Very Happy Customer

I was commissioned to take some photographs during our open day on the 25th and 26th September 2010. I had the privilege of meeting many of our customers, both regular and new.  It was particularly pleasing to see that many had come to Glasgow Angling Centre to see the renowned and vast selection of fishing tackle on display and to grab a bargain.  It was also great to see that many customers came from far and wide to see some of the most famous people in fishing who attended our event. However, it was to be a very memorable day for one young person in particular!
Meeting Paul Young
I was intrigued by how captivated he was while observing Davy McPhail's fly tying skills (they are world class without doubt)!  Later I was informed by his parents that their son "watches all of Davy's You Tube videos," and has a lot of respect and admiration for Paul Young due to his famous 'Hooked on Fishing' series.  Sensing the young man's excitement, I immediately suggested if he would like to meet Davy and Paul and get a photograph taken with both.  Silly question really as he was absolutely thrilled to bits and so were his parents!
Meeting Davy McPhail
I was later informed by the young man's father that he and his son love fishing for rainbow and brown trout and his son is a very keen fly tier. On the tackle side, he uses Shakespeare Fly Rods, Orvis Fly Rods and Greys Fly Reels with Stillwater Fly Lines. His favourite flies include the Claret Bumble, Dunkeld Sparkler, Kate McLaren and Diawl Bachs. He was also fortunate enough to witness Davy tie a Claret Bumble, and being the true gentleman that Davy is, he kindly gave the fly to the young man as a gift.

At Glasgow Angling Centre, we are committed to supporting our customers and giving them the advice and resources to get the best out of the sport. We also understand that our customers want to learn and grow as fishermen, hence why our open days are so successful. However, when you get the chance to bring someone's ambition to life, it is all the more valuable and satisfying! 

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Pollack Fun

On Sunday me, my Dad, Scottish Internationalist Andy McKay and myself took the opportunity to go on a days pollack fishing with Spike from On Yer Marks fishing charters out of Port Logan on the Mull of Galloway. We were set up to tackle the Pollack on float fished Mackerel strip and some fresh king rag worm fished at around 20ft in anything between 30 and 40ft of water. With an easterly wind of 30mph gusting to 50 we were glad of the shelter of the cliffs although it did make fishing on the drift a bit tricky so Spike anchored us up in one of his favourite spots over a kelp bed.
A nice Pollack on the float rod
Fishing with 8 and 9 foot spinning rods with 30lb braid and Penn Sargus fixed spool reels, the floats rarely drifted any further than 10 yards from the boat before our baits were snaffled by hungry pollack. When the fishing slowed down Spike just upped anchor and moved us to another productive mark where the action continued. Over the day we had in the region of 120 pollack and Andy has some cracking wrasse, both ballan and cuckoo. Most of the pollack were in the 2-4lb bracket however I did manage a 7lber and a new PB of 9lb and we had quite a few between 5lb and 6lb.
A cracking Wrasse!
If you get the chance I would get in contact with On Yer Marks as they can put you on some of the most consistent sea fishing in Scotland with a chance of Tope, Pollack, Bull Huss, Bass and Wrasse there are not many places where you could catch them all in one day !!!!
Jambo's PB Pollack
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