'Brian - where's the bait?'

After moaning about being bored once too often I persuaded a few colleague's from the Glasgow Angling Centre into a weekend trip for something a little childish and special. An all round favourite with the troops is an old school weekend chasing pike and perch. We spent a few weeks sorting days off and also winning some brownie points with the missus and kids (well I have to anyway!).
Chris with a big fat Percy!
So at the end of September we set off for the holiday chalet for the weekend on the banks of our favourite water. After preparing all the gear and gathering all the goodies together we empty the car to find NO PIKE BAIT!!!!. Erm it's perhaps still back in the shop freezer was the reply. Anyway, never to be daunted we rummaged through the chalet freezer for some hopelessly mangled baits from its deepest darkest depths and got wired in regardless.
Jamie shows off the standard of Perch he likes!
Over the weekend we fished several methods for the pike and perch alternating between both species.
For the perch we like to find some good underwater features and fire a few kilos of bait over the side just to get them interested. We fish over the top of the bait with Lobworms on Drop Shot style rods which is seriously good fun. When we start to get into some larger Perch we switch to the Savage Gear Cannibal Shads fished on Savage Gear Jig and Spin rods to eliminate the smaller Perch and get some big Stripey's for the camera.
Jamie and Brian keepin' it gangsta
While we are fishing for the Perch the commotion of catching barrel loads of the little sergeants always attracts the larger predators so we tend to have 2 float fished dead baits near the boat. If the Perch fishing suddenly drops off it's generally followed by one of these rods getting a take. If not 15mins fishing around the boat with a Savage Gear 4play picks up any Pike that have moved in.