A Very Happy Customer

I was commissioned to take some photographs during our open day on the 25th and 26th September 2010. I had the privilege of meeting many of our customers, both regular and new.  It was particularly pleasing to see that many had come to Glasgow Angling Centre to see the renowned and vast selection of fishing tackle on display and to grab a bargain.  It was also great to see that many customers came from far and wide to see some of the most famous people in fishing who attended our event. However, it was to be a very memorable day for one young person in particular!
Meeting Paul Young
I was intrigued by how captivated he was while observing Davy McPhail's fly tying skills (they are world class without doubt)!  Later I was informed by his parents that their son "watches all of Davy's You Tube videos," and has a lot of respect and admiration for Paul Young due to his famous 'Hooked on Fishing' series.  Sensing the young man's excitement, I immediately suggested if he would like to meet Davy and Paul and get a photograph taken with both.  Silly question really as he was absolutely thrilled to bits and so were his parents!
Meeting Davy McPhail
I was later informed by the young man's father that he and his son love fishing for rainbow and brown trout and his son is a very keen fly tier. On the tackle side, he uses Shakespeare Fly Rods, Orvis Fly Rods and Greys Fly Reels with Stillwater Fly Lines. His favourite flies include the Claret Bumble, Dunkeld Sparkler, Kate McLaren and Diawl Bachs. He was also fortunate enough to witness Davy tie a Claret Bumble, and being the true gentleman that Davy is, he kindly gave the fly to the young man as a gift.

At Glasgow Angling Centre, we are committed to supporting our customers and giving them the advice and resources to get the best out of the sport. We also understand that our customers want to learn and grow as fishermen, hence why our open days are so successful. However, when you get the chance to bring someone's ambition to life, it is all the more valuable and satisfying!