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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Monster Perch!!

4play soft - Coming soon!
Folks!, My first post here - a 2125g Perch taken on the new Soft 4Play from Savage Gear - due in the shop in January!

Greeeeeeat fishing here just now!!

Brgds Mads Grosell

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hardy SINTRIX now available to preorder! can now take customer pre-orders for the revolutionary new Hardy Zenith and Proaxis fly rods featuring the new Hardy SINTRIX technology. Be among the first anglers in the world to use these amazing new fly rods! The long awaited Zenith SINTRIX rods are due in January 2011 and the Proaxis SINTRIX will be delivered in March. Having tried out most of the range I can guarantee you will be impressed!
Zenith SINTRIX in action!

Monday, 25 October 2010

'Brian - where's the bait?'

After moaning about being bored once too often I persuaded a few colleague's from the Glasgow Angling Centre into a weekend trip for something a little childish and special. An all round favourite with the troops is an old school weekend chasing pike and perch. We spent a few weeks sorting days off and also winning some brownie points with the missus and kids (well I have to anyway!).
Chris with a big fat Percy!
So at the end of September we set off for the holiday chalet for the weekend on the banks of our favourite water. After preparing all the gear and gathering all the goodies together we empty the car to find NO PIKE BAIT!!!!. Erm it's perhaps still back in the shop freezer was the reply. Anyway, never to be daunted we rummaged through the chalet freezer for some hopelessly mangled baits from its deepest darkest depths and got wired in regardless.
Jamie shows off the standard of Perch he likes!
Over the weekend we fished several methods for the pike and perch alternating between both species.
For the perch we like to find some good underwater features and fire a few kilos of bait over the side just to get them interested. We fish over the top of the bait with Lobworms on Drop Shot style rods which is seriously good fun. When we start to get into some larger Perch we switch to the Savage Gear Cannibal Shads fished on Savage Gear Jig and Spin rods to eliminate the smaller Perch and get some big Stripey's for the camera.
Jamie and Brian keepin' it gangsta
While we are fishing for the Perch the commotion of catching barrel loads of the little sergeants always attracts the larger predators so we tend to have 2 float fished dead baits near the boat. If the Perch fishing suddenly drops off it's generally followed by one of these rods getting a take. If not 15mins fishing around the boat with a Savage Gear 4play picks up any Pike that have moved in.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Highland Pike Hunt

A few weeks back I joined fellow Pike angler and good mate Micky Jones on a trip to one of his local Pike haunts. Due to time constraints for both of us, the trip was going to be limited to an evening session followed by an early start the next morning. On the venue in question the Pike can be found lurking around the snags in shallow water so I set up two Sage Z-Axis rods, one with an SA Mastery Pike floating 9 weight and the other with the superb Guideline Pike Sink 1/Sink 3 10 weight. My leader make up is simplicity in itself: 5 or 6 feet of 25.5lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon joined by an Albright Knot to 2 feet of 26lb AFW Surflon wire. The fly is attached by means of a Jam Knot for maximum mobility. The reason my trace is so long is to allow multiple changes of the fly before it becomes too short for safe use. This may sound like a hindrance but having a leader set up with no clips or swivels etc will considerably help with casting!

A fighting fit 14 pounder!
I started with the floater as we brought the boat to a halt in 3ft of water 15m or so from a sunken tree which Micky assured me was a known lie. In my wallet I had several flies to choose from, Fulling Mill Baitfish, Sparklers and some Flashtail Whistlers. 3 casts in and a 14lb fish grabbed by quickly-stripped Whistler, result! Several other fish to low doubles followed that evening including some spectacular surface takes as the light faded.

The 21lb beast!
The icing on the cake was this cracking 21lb fish which nailed my Whistler on a drop off next to a weed bed. Using the Guideline Pike S1/S3 which has an intermediate belly with a long 3 inch per second sinking tip, enabled me to count down the line so I knew my fly was roughly 10ft down in 12ft of water, just along the weed-line…..where she was lying in wait!

Back she goes...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

UK G.Loomis NRX Pricing revealed!

Finally we have the UK price List for the new G. Loomis NRX rods!!! Starting from £769.99 for the 9' #3 all the way up to a whopping £1239.99 for the 15' #10/11- it is certainly an expensive rod but not as bad as some early predictions! The UK stock will start to arrive around the end of November with the Spey rods due in January.

Steve Rajeff - Designer of the NRX
Knowing Loomis and their past supply problems it will pay to get in quickly and pre order now before the first batch get snapped up by eager Loomis fans leaving us with a waiting list!!!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Hardy Sintrix on the test rig!

A couple of weeks ago I went down to Alnwick to see the guys from Hardy and Greys, and had a play with all the new gear they will be bringing out in 2011. One of the highlights was having a go of their rod test rig, with one of the new Hardy Sintrix rods. The rod was a normal, off the shelf, Hardy Zenith Sintrix 10' #7, which had been fished with a good few times but had earned the name 'Old Reliable' after beating the rig 21 times! I put it through the full test for the 22nd time and amazingly its still going strong, a testament to the hard work the Hardy team have put into the application of this new material.

Watch this space for more news on the new Hardy Zenith and Hardy Proaxis Sintrix rods and the new Greys XF2, XF2 Streamflex, Plus and Carnivore fly rods.

A Very Happy Customer

I was commissioned to take some photographs during our open day on the 25th and 26th September 2010. I had the privilege of meeting many of our customers, both regular and new.  It was particularly pleasing to see that many had come to Glasgow Angling Centre to see the renowned and vast selection of fishing tackle on display and to grab a bargain.  It was also great to see that many customers came from far and wide to see some of the most famous people in fishing who attended our event. However, it was to be a very memorable day for one young person in particular!
Meeting Paul Young
I was intrigued by how captivated he was while observing Davy McPhail's fly tying skills (they are world class without doubt)!  Later I was informed by his parents that their son "watches all of Davy's You Tube videos," and has a lot of respect and admiration for Paul Young due to his famous 'Hooked on Fishing' series.  Sensing the young man's excitement, I immediately suggested if he would like to meet Davy and Paul and get a photograph taken with both.  Silly question really as he was absolutely thrilled to bits and so were his parents!
Meeting Davy McPhail
I was later informed by the young man's father that he and his son love fishing for rainbow and brown trout and his son is a very keen fly tier. On the tackle side, he uses Shakespeare Fly Rods, Orvis Fly Rods and Greys Fly Reels with Stillwater Fly Lines. His favourite flies include the Claret Bumble, Dunkeld Sparkler, Kate McLaren and Diawl Bachs. He was also fortunate enough to witness Davy tie a Claret Bumble, and being the true gentleman that Davy is, he kindly gave the fly to the young man as a gift.

At Glasgow Angling Centre, we are committed to supporting our customers and giving them the advice and resources to get the best out of the sport. We also understand that our customers want to learn and grow as fishermen, hence why our open days are so successful. However, when you get the chance to bring someone's ambition to life, it is all the more valuable and satisfying! 

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Pollack Fun

On Sunday me, my Dad, Scottish Internationalist Andy McKay and myself took the opportunity to go on a days pollack fishing with Spike from On Yer Marks fishing charters out of Port Logan on the Mull of Galloway. We were set up to tackle the Pollack on float fished Mackerel strip and some fresh king rag worm fished at around 20ft in anything between 30 and 40ft of water. With an easterly wind of 30mph gusting to 50 we were glad of the shelter of the cliffs although it did make fishing on the drift a bit tricky so Spike anchored us up in one of his favourite spots over a kelp bed.
A nice Pollack on the float rod
Fishing with 8 and 9 foot spinning rods with 30lb braid and Penn Sargus fixed spool reels, the floats rarely drifted any further than 10 yards from the boat before our baits were snaffled by hungry pollack. When the fishing slowed down Spike just upped anchor and moved us to another productive mark where the action continued. Over the day we had in the region of 120 pollack and Andy has some cracking wrasse, both ballan and cuckoo. Most of the pollack were in the 2-4lb bracket however I did manage a 7lber and a new PB of 9lb and we had quite a few between 5lb and 6lb.
A cracking Wrasse!
If you get the chance I would get in contact with On Yer Marks as they can put you on some of the most consistent sea fishing in Scotland with a chance of Tope, Pollack, Bull Huss, Bass and Wrasse there are not many places where you could catch them all in one day !!!!
Jambo's PB Pollack

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Autumn on the River Dee

Was able to have a cast the other week for a few days on the Dee at Park. There was a good rise in river levels which got fish on the go , alas it was a bit murky so sport was slow on the first day. I was pleased to get a fresh grilse and hoped for better sport the following 2 days. The next day was a bit better as fish were nipping the fly and I hooked 4 but only landed one. I felt conditions were going to be spot on for the last day.

Saturday dawned and I left for the river with my buddy Jim Coates from Whyte and Mackay, a super fisherman who fishes hard. I had drawn beat 4 which we knew contained a lot of fish. I had received a phone call the night before from a Ghillie advising me of a run of small new Grilse. As we travelled I was hopeful and Jim was upping the ante by winding me up. Comments like "Now Reidy there's no excuses for not getting a few this morning!" and "If you don't get a few you are going to get so much stick at lunchtime."
A nice autumn salmon from Park
I tackled up with my 15 ft G. Loomis Stinger and Rio AFS shooting head with intermediate tip. I attached a size 11 Park Shrimp which was tied by Ross Macdonald - a fly I have a lot of confidence with after getting 26 salmon on one day the previous summer in Russia. I fished down the Durris stream and after 10 minutes landed a tide liced 5lb grilse. I hoped the first of a few. I carried on for another hour down the stream without an offer. The fish were there but were not interested it seemed and I could imagine the stick I would get at lunchtime. Across from me were Harry and Paul Whitehouse who are regular tenants. I though I should change tactics so decided to put on a monkey fly, fish it square and use a slow retrieve. I flicked the fly across the stream and started using a figure of eight retrieve. I felt the line tighten and as I kept retrieving the rod bent into a fish.The fish bucked on the surface and I let it take line and run. It fought well for 10 minutes and I was pleased to land a 12 lb fish. By the time I had fished 300 yards down to Redwell through the Jetties I had landed another 3 salmon and a sea trout and lost 3 more. Five salmon and a sea trout in the morning was great sport and I was happy I would avoid a ribbing at lunchtime. As it was it was Jim who had surprisingly blanked in the morning and he had to eat humble pie. Come to think of it he was so gutted he couldn't eat until he got a fish. He did in fact catch four salmon in the afternoon to my two salmon so we were really happy to have had 11 salmon and a sea trout for our day. When conditions are right on the Dee it is great to be there.

For more info on fishing the River Dee for Salmon check out Fishdee.
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