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Thursday, 30 September 2010

High Interest in the new Pike DVD @ Open Weekend

GAC Weekend went very well guys, many thanks for the invite.  It was great to be back . The Savage Gear stand had lots of interest, and I was very busy throughout the whole weekend giving rig demos, and even signing a few Savage Gear DVD'S for happy customers and predator fanatics. I was very surprised how many customers were interested in the new Pike DVD featuring me and Hywel Morgan which is due out soon.  I could have sold at least 50 copies and even Paul Young can't wait for the release. Another surprise for me was how many sea anglers had spotted my bass fishing clips on YouTube, and some sea anglers even demanded a lure fishing feature on some of my recent adventures for bass!

The Tartan Toby!!!
On the Saturday, Paul Young gave me a gift that another chap had made for him.  It was a Tartan Toby Lure, and he said "Here you go Ant. You will get to use this more than me" - I was gobsmacked! Many thanks Paul, and to the kind chap who made this great Tartan Toby.  Roll on the next GAC show. I cant wait - that's if I get invited again.

Look out for the update on the filming of the second part of the DVD.

Ant Glascoe JR

Monday, 27 September 2010

GAC Open Weekend - Another Great Success

It was another fantastic open weekend for Glasgow Angling Centre on the 25th and 26th of September.  With the sun shining, a fantastic timetable of events and bargains galore, anglers were treated to the best show of tackle anywhere in Europe!
A Very Busy Till Area
Casting Tuition 
Steve Souter Shares His Vast Knowledge
Another Paul Little Masterclass
Captivated by Davy McPhail

What is so special about our open weekends is the fantastic atmosphere that is created when like minded anglers come together.  It's a great opportunity to share knowledge and learn from some of the most influential and famous people in the sport; a chance to buy a superb range of discounted tackle, get free tuition from the best in the business and it's a great day out in general.
Our philosophy at Glasgow Angling Centre is to always fulfil the needs of our customers, hence why we try and make each open event as unique, entertaining and valuable as possible.   This event was no exception, and if we had the pleasure of your company, we are delighted that you came along and experienced this unique atmosphere for yourself.
As another season draws to a close and another open weekend passes by, we look forward to an action packed winter season and hope to continue to serve you and support your fishing in the months ahead.

Our next Open Weekend will be at the beginning of March 2011. If there is anyone or anything you guys would like to see at the next one then leave us a comment and we will see what we can do!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

River Dee 2010

I've just got back from my annual week at Glenbogle Lodge on the Middle Blackhall beat of the river Dee near Banchory where I invite friends of the GAC to fish with us. The Dee has seen its most successful year for over 15 years with over 7,500 Salmon caught and returned. I started fishing the Dee seriously about 5 years ago and I can honestly say it is my favourite river to fly fish for salmon. The river, surroundings, accommodation, the ghillies and the local people are outstanding. I am in the most fortunate position that I can fish anywhere I like - but I always choose the River Dee. Try the river for yourself, and find out why hundreds of fishing MAD Scandinavians come over and fish there every year! It was a tough weeks fishing and on some days the elements were set against us but as usual the guys that put in the hours caught fish as you can see from this wee selection of pics.

Danny McLaughlin lands a nice wee grilse
Choosing gear to fish the Dee is easy. My choice is usually a 14ft 9/10 rod - my favourite being the Guideline LeCie 13'7'' coupled with a decent fly reel (Hardy Angel2 or a Perfect just for the noise) and a selection of Guideline and Mastery shooting heads. When choosing flies, well they say on the Dee you should use anything as long as it’s got yellow in it - and I stick by that theory!

Stevie Reid reckons he's not jammy - aye right!
Best fish of the week was this nineteen pounder caught by Stevie Reid from Bangour Trout Fishery, one of the nicest guys you could ever meet and a great casting instructor as well!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Loomis NRX is here...

Another Cracking Bass on a 4Play Lure
...well for a while anyway. We have just received 3 of the new G. Loomis NRX rods into the shop - a 9' #5, a 9' #11 and a 14' #9/10 spey rod. They will be here till Sunday afternoon (the 26th) so if any of you guys want to see or try one out on the casting pool come to the shop and ask me! Be one of the first to experience this new generation of Loomis rods before the official UK release! Contact us for more info.

Dynamic Duo!

Great mates, Savage Gear pro predator hunter Ant Glascoe JR, and top fly fishing guru Hywel Morgan, finally decided to take on the making of a new DVD together over the past few months. This hyperactive, energetic duo joined forces on Estwaite and other large waters to tackle some big pike for the 1st part of the DVD.

Hywel gets a nice pike on the fly
The boys spent various days afloat, with Ant discussing his passion for predators and introducing Hywel to lure fishing for pike. There's loads of tips and tricks with the odd twist here and there, and some nice pike caught on lures and the fly for both anglers.

A nice lure caught double for Ant
This is going to be a great adventurous DVD for the all round predator angler, and not one to be missed. Subscribe or check back here for updates!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Broken Back is back!

When I first started in the tackle trade (erm...17 years ago) one of the top lures we sold for trout spinning were the little hand painted French lures called broken back minnows. Over the years the supply of these dwindled, the price rocketed and they sometimes disappeared for months at a time. Every time a supply was secured they would sell out in record time! They were deadly for brownies and sea trout and we caught hundreds of big perch and jack pike on them too.
Broken Back Minnow
Then a few weeks ago our good mate MG said he was bringing a reproduction of the Broken Back Minnow to the market on one of his regular visits to the shop. When I first saw them I was impressed, the moulding was the same as the original, the paintwork was better and the all important swimming action was just as it should be. Even the treble hook was the same style as the original. Plus they work out much cheaper than the French ones ended up!
Behaviour in Water
Check them out instore or online and try them before the end of the season!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Bad Ass Bass

I'm on holiday hunting bass, for the 25th year in a row! Every year in late August and early September, me and my old man target the bass, mostly on lures. We have our Orkney 440 boat situated down here, but due to severe storms we were only able to fish from the shore marks that in the past have produced some stonking bass, with specimens to over the magical 10lb mark, so its not always the best option to use the boat.

A Nice Bass on a Prey Lure
We arrived on the Wednesday evening after a 3 hour drive form Manchester, the weather was quite bad, and we knew we had to leave the boat alone and fish some of the local bass marks from the shore. On the Thursday morning we headed to one of our shore marks, a well known beach for producing big bass. The surf was perfect, if you have never tried plugging for bass in the surf I suggest you try it, its great fun. Bass will hunt in less than 3ft of water and can be under your feet sniffing sand eels out, the 3rd breaker is the most strongest, so that's where all the goodies get churned up, and that's where the bass will feed. Anyway, on my first chuck, with a Savage Gear Prey I smashed a decent bass of around 4lb, then my old man was into a decent bass too. They went crazy, they were smashing sandeels left right and centre, there were heads, tails and scales flying all over the place, they were feeding really hard. Bass will flank the lure to try and stun it, as they do to prey fish sandeels, white bait etc, Flanking means they use the side of there gill plate to stun the prey, then they turn round and pick the injured fish off. What I tend to do, once I feel a bang on the lure, I leave it suspended for a split second then continue to wind as normal. Also very abnormal winds can put bass on the shore, I tend to wind very fast - faster than I would when pike fishing.

Another Cracking Bass on a 4Play Lure
We must have hit the tide just right, it was 6pm and I hooked into our 18th bass between us, again another bass of 4lb in fact we never caught a bass under that size. With the session drawing to an end, my dad hit a monster that doubled over his Savage Gear MP rod then pulled free. Then he made another cast in the same area just over the 3rd breaker in the white wash, and BANG, he was in again, it gave him a great battle, a beauty of 7lb 12oz, now that's quite a size from the shore especially on a lure in just 3ft of water. The bass just kept on smashing our lures, our arms were killing us, but what great fun. Over the 2 days we had well over 30 bass, between 4lb and 8lb all catch and release, which I think is important as Bass are very slow growers. I am here for another week so I will keep you all updated!

Check out the underwater footage in this teaser video!
If you have any questions about lure fishing for bass just contact me through the blog, or even better come and see me at the GAC Open Weekend at the end of September, where I will be in store giving talks and demonstrations on Savage Gear products and my fishing adventures!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Cookshill Fly Tying Materials Confirmed for Open Weekend

Widely acclaimed fly tying material supplier, Cookshill, have confirmed they will be joining us for the Open Weekend on September 25th and 26th 2010. Steve Cooper and his team are best known for providing only the best, hand picked natural materials and his full skins are undoubtedly the best quality in the world! This is a unique opportunity for discerning fly tyers to visit the GAC and see these materials at first hand, and if you are interested in tying Clyde Style or North Country patterns then don't miss it as the full Cookshill range, including many hard to get materials will be on sale. The Cookshill stand will be located beside the fly tying demonstrations on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

See Paul Little Fly Tying at the GAC

Paul Little
We are very pleased to announce that world famous fly dresser, Paul Little will be attending our Open Weekend on the 25th and 26th of September and giving fly tying demonstrations on the Partridge Fly Tying Clinic stand throughout the day. Paul is widely regarded as one of the best fly tyers in the world and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject as well as being fully qualified as an AAPGAI Master Fly Dresser. His fully dressed classic salmon flies are among the best you will ever see. Visit us and see Paul demonstrating fly tying techniques sharing tips and answering any fly tying questions you have. Also demonstrating on the Partridge Fly Tying Clinic stand will be Flamethrower originator Duncan Egan, YouTube sensation Davie McPhail and Pike fly specialist Dougie Loughridge.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Bass Rock

Every week my friends and I go kayak fishing. It’s a mix of adventure and discovery, and we explore many different waters.  At the end of August we went to Bass Rock to try our luck. Bass Rock is situated near north Berwick on the East coast not too far from Edinburgh.  We drove the short journey from Glasgow early in the morning to beat the rush hour traffic.  A good friend gave us some directions and, after stranding my car on the sandy beach and the kind help of a tractor driver, we headed toward Bass Rock.
Approaching Bass Rock
The paddle is 2km and the sea was like glass. It was an amazing paddle toward this gigantic rock, populated by a million gannets. We had a good look around this island, and explored the caves and went up close to the birds - what a journey!  But the best part was the fishing.
Fish On!
We started drifting back to shore and I hit some good size Mackerel on Hokkai Lures.  Closer to shore we meet another yakker and that was my mate Simon. He has a great knowledge of the coast. Gerry had some excellent Cod around 3 or 4lbs.  Simon followed his GPS fish finder,  and in the distance, I heard him call out. I paddled towards him and asked him if he had caught anything – "Yes a whopper he replied!"
A very fine Cod from the Kayak
If you are looking for more information on Kayak Angling, come and see me at the shop and I will be very happy help you out!
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