High Interest in the new Pike DVD @ Open Weekend

GAC Weekend went very well guys, many thanks for the invite.  It was great to be back . The Savage Gear stand had lots of interest, and I was very busy throughout the whole weekend giving rig demos, and even signing a few Savage Gear DVD'S for happy customers and predator fanatics. I was very surprised how many customers were interested in the new Pike DVD featuring me and Hywel Morgan which is due out soon.  I could have sold at least 50 copies and even Paul Young can't wait for the release. Another surprise for me was how many sea anglers had spotted my bass fishing clips on YouTube, and some sea anglers even demanded a lure fishing feature on some of my recent adventures for bass!

The Tartan Toby!!!
On the Saturday, Paul Young gave me a gift that another chap had made for him.  It was a Tartan Toby Lure, and he said "Here you go Ant. You will get to use this more than me" - I was gobsmacked! Many thanks Paul, and to the kind chap who made this great Tartan Toby.  Roll on the next GAC show. I cant wait - that's if I get invited again.

Look out for the update on the filming of the second part of the DVD.

Ant Glascoe JR