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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Soft 4play Videos

Check out the swimming action of the new Savage Gear Soft 4play in these two new videos!

These lures will be available in January and the first batch are sure to sell out quickly so pre order yours now!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

MacKenzie DTX Shooting Head rods are here!

Just in today are the new rods from Scott MacKenzie, the MacKenzie DTX Shooting Head Rods! These are based on the original best selling Mackenzie DTX Fly Rods but with tweaked blanks and fittings to better suit modern shooting head set ups. The handles are shorter and thicker in a more Scandinavian style than the standard DTX rods and the slightly faster actioned blanks are rated in ultra modern gram weights rather than the usual AFTMA ratings - don't worry though, if your still stuck on old money we will be listing the matching # numbers on the website as well. The rods come in 4 models - 12ft 27-30g (#7/8), 13ft 33-36g (#8/9), 14ft 38-40g (#9/10) and a 15ft 40-42g (#10/11).
DTX and DTX SH side by side - pic by S. Canny
The rods are available to buy from our fishingmegastore website today, or come to the store and see them in person!

Hardy & Greys, Fin & Fly November 2010

Click to see the latest edition!
The new edition of Fin & Fly is now live. If you haven't read it before, Fin & Fly is Hardy and Greys monthly e-zine where you can read about fishing tactics and tips, and Hardy Academy members share their latest fishing experiences. It's always filled with awesome photography, up to date information, great competitions and this month there is a special Fishing Christmas gifts section!

Click here to read the latest edition!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Emma's Seatrout Surprise!

A few days ago I invited Norwegian sales representative Atle Håkansson and Savage Gear testfisher(wo)man Emma Bäcker for a day perch fishing. The weather was horrible, and the rain poured down most of the day. Nevertheless, it was going to be an incredibly eventful day. The fish actually weren't all that cooperative, but this didn't stop the three experienced anglers from making great results. Once again, the Savage Gear Soft 4Play lures rocked! They accounted for all the perch landed, and among them were a few monsters with Atle's 1,750 kilo fish the biggest. It hit the Soft 4Play with cruel intentions and it fought bravely with lots of mean head-shaking and short aggressive runs.
A double hookup for Emma and Mads
Emma was the one who caught the fish of the day, however. She fished with the greatest of concentration and determination, and with her female charms, she lured a massive male seatrout into striking. She fought the fish patiently and with great care, and after some 15 minutes she could land and release a monster searun trout of 6 kilos. It had completely inhaled the little Soft 4Play lure on the drop, and it delivered a hectic battle which would have made the legs of even the most experienced fisherman turn to jelly!
A big Seatrout falls for Emmas Soft 4play!
Check out our new Savage Gear Facebook site – packed with loads of great information and the latest news on Savage Gear products!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Andy Mill talks SINTRIX!

Tarpon legend Andy Mill and Hardy's top product development man Howard Croston talk about the new Hardy Zenith Sintrix Fly Rods and  the Hardy Proaxis Sintrix Fly Rods at the Tackle & Guns Show 2010

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fishing Gifts for Christmas

Christmas Fishing Gifts at Glasgow Angling Centre
If you are looking for the perfect gift for your family, friends and loved ones, our Fishingmegastore has a fantastic selection of fishing tackle and Fishing Christmas Gifts.  We have a specially selected range of products that are guaranteed to make anyone happy this Christmas!
For the budding fly angler, why not consider one of our fly tying kits and let them see how cool it is to catch fish on a self tied fly.  Our vast selection of fishing books and dvd's make ideal fishing gifts, giving you loads of tips and information to help you improve your skills and tactics.   Why not also check out our great selection of clothing, luggage, fishing rods, fishing reels, nets and novelty gift ideas for any specific type of fishing style. Alternatively, if you just can't decide, gift vouchers for our fishingmegastore are an ideal gift.
So shop at Glasgow Angling Centre's Fishingmegastore and see why we are number one for fishing tackle at Christmas!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

MacKenzie DTX day at Bangour

Scott MacKenzie will be holding a Test day at Bangour Trout Fishery on the 12th of December 2010. This is a chance for you to try the full Mackenzie DTX rod range, including the new Shooting Head rods,with the matching MacKenzie DTX lines under the watchful eye of some of the country's top instructors including Scott, Andrew Toft and Ian Kirk. As well as the current range of best selling rods and lines there will be a few of next years models to try as well. If you are a serious salmon angler you should not miss it!

Click to enlarge!
Check out the full range of Scott Mackenzie products here!

Ass whooping from the Misses!

A nice double for Emma
I've had a busy week , from fishing and blanking on Chew to getting my ass whooped by my misses, yet again. We fished a well known carp complex not far from Manchester, battling 50mph winds and dodging falling trees. In the 4 hour session we, well SHE, had a total of 7 pike, all of which where good doubles, with the smallest 10lb 6oz, Mine, to the biggest 16lb 12oz, it was hectic action.
Proud but still whooped!
With the change in the weather the pike were wolfing down baits - a fine example of why you should always fish semi barbed trebles on your deadbait traces, using the barbed point to secure the bait!
Neatly hooked on a deadbait

Ant Glascoe JR

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Accidental Trout for Mads!

A superb Brown Trout on the Fry
This superbly spotted trout hammered my Fry45 - just under the rod tip - huge shock!! Superb fight on my Savage Gear Parabellum Spin 9'2" 3-16g - the beautiful fish swam back unharmed after a fast photo... I was fishing for Perch - but had this big trout and one 2kg fish as well. Great fun!
The all new Savage Gear Fry
Savage Gear Fry lures will be in the shop in January!

November Clearance Lists go live!

Everyone loves a bargain!
I just finished making them today, not too late this month! We need to make space for all the new gear that coming so there are some extra special prices in there with up to 80% off! There's also some new sheets done, sorted by brand for all you tackle tarts out there!

Click here to see the lists

Remember the stock levels are not live, and if your not fast...your last!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Savage Gear Soft 4play on film!

During yesterdays filming of the new Savage Gear 2011 lure DVD, some great and spectacular predator fishing made the day one to remember!! The new Savage Gear Soft 4Plays again showed the great versatility and enormous potential to make a new soft lure swimbait revolution. We used it on the top, in the snags, on the drop, vertical and last but not least – in the new brilliant 4Play Lipscull’s trolled over the deeper parts of the lake! Many scenes on the way – but in the lead role, this furious brute of a 100cm+ heavy build pike, that absolutely hammered the 19cm Soft 4play Zander in the Lipscull 3 metres down over 6 metres of water – what a tremendous take – all for the camera!
A chunky autumn pike for Mads
Check out the remains of the big eel hanging from the mouth of the pike – only the skin was and head was left – the rest already digested! The day also resulted in a new Lake PR Perch of 50cm!! - of course the soft 4play did the trick!!
An amazing 50cm Perch falls for the new lure!
Brgds Mads Grosell

Monday, 1 November 2010

The Dogs Pollacks!

This year saw me take my first steps into Saltwater flyfishing and boy do I wish I'd tried it sooner! My first trip was with the guys from On Yer Marks when I was invited along to join a few lads for some inshore Pollack flyfishing from a boat. Gary had warned me of the power of these fish and not to be under-gunned so I took along my Guideline LPXE RS #9 weight and a #10 weight Sage Z-Axis. My reel choice is a Hardy Demon 7000 which, with it's cheap cassette-style spools, enables me to take along a range of lines. In this case, the terrain we were fishing over was some pretty hardcore reefs and kelp beds in roughly 30-40 feet of water so it was Airflo Depthfinder lines with a short Seaguar 23lb fluorocarbon leader.
A nice Pollack caught from the rocks on fly gear
I used the same set up on a camping/fishing trip to Skye with my mate Paul. This time it was clambering along the rocks and fishing directly into some crazy waves! One thing I'd suggest you do if you plan on trying this is to take good quality footwear, waterproof clothing and a lifejacket, a good line tray and definitely some insect repellent or you will be midge-fodder!!
The right clothing is essential for SWFF
For flies, I kept it simple. A waterproof fly box with a selection of Clouser Minnows in different weights and some Surf Candy style patterns for the shallower gulleys. These are tied with DNA Frosty Fish Fibre and Supreme Hair which is ideal for creating the Sandeel profiles.
Pollack of this standard are hard fighting fish!
If you're into hard fighting, wild fish on the fly rod then you MUST get booked up and try it!!
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