MacKenzie DTX Shooting Head rods are here!

Just in today are the new rods from Scott MacKenzie, the MacKenzie DTX Shooting Head Rods! These are based on the original best selling Mackenzie DTX Fly Rods but with tweaked blanks and fittings to better suit modern shooting head set ups. The handles are shorter and thicker in a more Scandinavian style than the standard DTX rods and the slightly faster actioned blanks are rated in ultra modern gram weights rather than the usual AFTMA ratings - don't worry though, if your still stuck on old money we will be listing the matching # numbers on the website as well. The rods come in 4 models - 12ft 27-30g (#7/8), 13ft 33-36g (#8/9), 14ft 38-40g (#9/10) and a 15ft 40-42g (#10/11).
DTX and DTX SH side by side - pic by S. Canny
The rods are available to buy from our fishingmegastore website today, or come to the store and see them in person!