Ass whooping from the Misses!

A nice double for Emma
I've had a busy week , from fishing and blanking on Chew to getting my ass whooped by my misses, yet again. We fished a well known carp complex not far from Manchester, battling 50mph winds and dodging falling trees. In the 4 hour session we, well SHE, had a total of 7 pike, all of which where good doubles, with the smallest 10lb 6oz, Mine, to the biggest 16lb 12oz, it was hectic action.
Proud but still whooped!
With the change in the weather the pike were wolfing down baits - a fine example of why you should always fish semi barbed trebles on your deadbait traces, using the barbed point to secure the bait!
Neatly hooked on a deadbait

Ant Glascoe JR