Emma's Seatrout Surprise!

A few days ago I invited Norwegian sales representative Atle Håkansson and Savage Gear testfisher(wo)man Emma Bäcker for a day perch fishing. The weather was horrible, and the rain poured down most of the day. Nevertheless, it was going to be an incredibly eventful day. The fish actually weren't all that cooperative, but this didn't stop the three experienced anglers from making great results. Once again, the Savage Gear Soft 4Play lures rocked! They accounted for all the perch landed, and among them were a few monsters with Atle's 1,750 kilo fish the biggest. It hit the Soft 4Play with cruel intentions and it fought bravely with lots of mean head-shaking and short aggressive runs.
A double hookup for Emma and Mads
Emma was the one who caught the fish of the day, however. She fished with the greatest of concentration and determination, and with her female charms, she lured a massive male seatrout into striking. She fought the fish patiently and with great care, and after some 15 minutes she could land and release a monster searun trout of 6 kilos. It had completely inhaled the little Soft 4Play lure on the drop, and it delivered a hectic battle which would have made the legs of even the most experienced fisherman turn to jelly!
A big Seatrout falls for Emmas Soft 4play!
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