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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Greys GFS Fixed Spool Reels are Built to Last

The Greys GFS Fixed Spool Reel is a versatile and affordable reel.  It is built with fantastic technology and can offer anglers exceptional performance at a great price point.

Features include: super smooth drag, rubber grip handle for better comfort when fishing, anti-twist roller and sturdy bail alarm for longevity, 9 ball bearings for super smooth performance and line identification stickers.

There is a GFS Fixed Spool Reel in the range for every situation including the GFS 40 which has a gear ratio of 5.2:1 and comes with two shallow spools making it the ideal tool for coarse fishing.  The bigger GFS 50, in contrast, comes with 2 deeper spools making it ideal of spinning and long casting.  Both reels come with line clips to keep your braid or mono free from damage and the handle can be shifted from left to right hand operation. 

Friday, 23 December 2016

Penn Battle II Reel Spinning Power

Penn Battle II Offers 20% More Spinning Power

With new spinning reel engineering techniques improving, there’s always a high level of curiosity to see what these new techniques have to offer. It’s also particularly interesting to see how a new model stacks up against an old one. So when Penn decided to refresh the old Penn Battle and release the Penn Battle II Spinning Reel, it had a lot to live up to.

In a highly competitive spinning reel market, fishing tackle brands are essentially battling each other to produce an exemplary reel that not only offers high end features and cosmetics but also great pricing and outstanding value, so is this new Penn II Reel placed to win the battle? Can the revamped Battle II separate itself as the go-to model for all anglers; from light freshwater species to big saltwater specimens?

Penn Battle II Left Handle

Improvements in the Penn Battle II

For the Battle II, Penn wanted to make a reel to cover all fishing situations, so there are 8 different models in the Penn Battle II series of reels. There’s a reel in the range for anglers who like to fish smaller waters and a bigger model for battling the big guns.

The 1000 is the smallest and lightest reel in the Penn Reels range which is excellent for spinning with light lines and rod lengths such as 7-8ft. This reel has a gear ratio of 5.2:1, has a line capacity of 135 yards of 4lb line or 105 yards of 6lb line and has 5+ ball bearings. The 2500 falls in the mid range and is perfect for Bass fishing or medium sized Cod. In terms of size, the 2500 has a bigger rotor and spool than it’s predecessor; has a higher gear ratio of 6.2:1; takes 255 yards of 6lb line or 140 yards of 10lb line and has 5+1 ball bearings. These gear ratios allow for greater precision when fishing smaller baits, shads and lures so the 2500 will be a favourite with inshore anglers.

Going up to the 8000, its all about taming the giants of the ocean. Species such as Marlin, Tuna and Sailfish can be stopped with Penn’s newly designed drag system. The 8000 Battle takes 340yds of 20lb or 230lb of 30lb however it’s built to handle thicker lines and braids. It also has a gear ratio of 5.3:1 and 5+1 ball bearings.

Penn Battle II Reel Main View

Battle II Reel New Developments

One of the most common complaints in saltwater spinning reels is when saltwater gets into the reel housing therefore affecting the internal components such as bearings and making the reel sound very rough and crunchy. So to solve this problem, Penn really looked at tackling corrosion and water penetration. The first place they started was the outer body casing where they improved the resilience and integrity of the coatings and paint. This was to protect the reel against the never-ending exposure to ocean spray, chemicals and general wear and tear. It's one thing making the reel watertight and impervious to the elements, however Penn have taken things even further by sealing the ball bearings. This contrasts with the older Battle where the ball bearings were shielded, ultimately adding an extra layer of impermeability and preventing saltwater causing it’s destruction.

Another development in the Penn Battle is an increase in the drag by 20%. This increase in pressure is made possible by ‘keying’ Penn’s HT-100 drag washers into the actual spool which changes the dynamics of it’s operation, namely the ability to use both sides of the washers therefore increasing the maximum drag force. This essentially lets you stop a fish in it's tracks. However with great drag force comes the problem of determining how much line you have available when playing a fish, so Penn have came up with the clever idea of added line capacity rings. These become visible as line peels off the reel and lets you see how many yards are left on the spool therefore helps in your decision to move with the fish, retrieve or let out more line.
Penn Battle II Right Handle

Why Buy the New Battle II Penn Reel

There is no argument against the original battle reel’s success, however Penn have made a classic into a reel the continues to grow as anglers recognise it’s inherent durability and fishability. It’s a finely crafted reel that retains the aesthetics of the original but offers cleaner lines, better performance and the capitalisation of new design and innovation. The new improved Battle II improves line management and is literally impenetrable with enhanced corrosion resistance. So if you want to know how much line you have left on the spool during the throws of battle, the line capacity rings will keep you right.

With increased drag pressure you have 20% more power in reserve to put a stop to stubborn fish. This is thanks to Penn’s HT-100 Versa Drag washers which have been keyed into the spool therefore allowing both sides of each drag washer to be used.  Ultimately, you get higher max drag, more range and smoother operation than reels in the same class.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Daiwa NewEra SLR Fly Rods Cast Further

When you buy a fly rod these days, there are so many different types of material on the market to choose from. There's also things like recovery rate, loading and action, but all fly angers want to know and understand is that the rod casts a long line.  So one rod that dispels all the confusion is Daiwa's Newer LSR Fly Rod.

The NewEra LSR is in fact a new era in fly casting.  It's a tool that's been designed to help you cast further and more accurately without having to go into great detail about how or why.  The rod does this with no significant problem thanks to it's unique carbon blank design and the exhaustive amount testing that's gone into making the rod.

For example torque control and power conversion are big factors in casting, some would argue that they are the 'keys' to distance and accuracy, so the NewEra shifts the paradigm thanks to its very clever Bias Carbon technology.  BCT is the foundation on which the rod is built.  It's where two directions of high grade carbon sheet have been manipulated into 40 degrees which effectively transmits energy and compression evenly around the blank.  However the blank also resists twisting when you load the rod with your fly line.  The end result is a fly rod that delivers greater precision, better line control, better accuracy and increased distance.  The best thing about the rod is that you don't need to get too bogged down by the details because once you've had a cast with this rod you will not only 'feel' the difference but also notice how effortless it is to punt out longer casts.

So if you need some extra yards on your cast, the NewEra SLR is the tool for the job.  It was designed by Hywel Morgan, a very successful competition distance caster, so the rod has been developed to give you the 'edge.'   

Friday, 16 December 2016

Fishingmegastore Fish of the Month Entry December 2016 - First Double!

Young Zach Neufeld with his first ever double figure Pike, caught on a float fished Sardine bait!
You can vote for this picture to win on Facebook by selecting it in our December 2016 FOTM gallery HERE and hitting the 'Like' button! Don't forget to share all your favourite entries to help them win too!

If you would like to enter our Fishingmegastore Fish of the Month Competition and have the chance to win £100 to spend at GAC, simply send us a photograph of you and your catch, when and where you caught your fish, and what tackle and method you used. You can also enter instore - just ask any member of staff for assistance. The best entries will be featured on both our Blog and Facebook page! 

Fishingmegastore Fish of the Month Entry December 2016 - Irish Bass!

Jack Devereux with a lovely Bass caught on a fresh Lugworm bait fished on a Pulley Pennel rig from Rostoonstown Beach in Co Wexford!
You can vote for this picture to win on Facebook by selecting it in our December 2016 FOTM gallery HERE and hitting the 'Like' button! Don't forget to share all your favourite entries to help them win too!

If you would like to enter our Fishingmegastore Fish of the Month Competition and have the chance to win £100 to spend at GAC, simply send us a photograph of you and your catch, when and where you caught your fish, and what tackle and method you used. You can also enter instore - just ask any member of staff for assistance. The best entries will be featured on both our Blog and Facebook page! 

Fishingmegastore Fish of the Month Entry December 2016 - Birthday Pike!

Will Taylor with his new PB Pike, caught on his birthday from the river Medway on a Lamprey Section!
You can vote for this picture to win on Facebook by selecting it in our December 2016 FOTM gallery HERE and hitting the 'Like' button! Don't forget to share all your favourite entries to help them win too!

If you would like to enter our Fishingmegastore Fish of the Month Competition and have the chance to win £100 to spend at GAC, simply send us a photograph of you and your catch, when and where you caught your fish, and what tackle and method you used. You can also enter instore - just ask any member of staff for assistance. The best entries will be featured on both our Blog and Facebook page! 

Shimano Baitrunner DL Reels in Review

Shimano Baitrunner DL Reels may have been new for 2015, and one of the latest generation in Baitrunners, but it has received a serious upgrade to include components that still ring true today.
Yes it's awesome for Carp fishermen and does include some very distinctive 'Carpy' styling, but its a reel that is equally suited to Predator Fishing too.  This is because the 'Freespool' function of the Baitrunner DL gives you a significant level of control when fishing.  This is possible with a secondary drag function that lets you fish baits with confidence, so if a fish aggressively takes your bait, you can allow the fish to take the bait, run, and with one simple action of turning the handle or disengaging the Baitrunner lever, you will get a good hook-up.
That is one of the great beauties of the Baitrunner DL in particular, namely the ability to disengage the rear lever to allow you to fish normally under the drag setting - once the fish has ran of course. So with minimal tension, not in free-spool mode, you can set the hook at the right time.

Shimano Baitrunner DL Technology
With an incredibly smooth rear drag, and baitrunner free spool mechanism, you have a wide range of tension settings that go from virtually zero resistance for big Predators to almost no resistance for fishing 'snaggy' swims.  Increased tension with a Baitrunner DL will really give you the advantage when big fish are encountered.

All this is possible with some really clever Shimano technology.  Features like ARC Spool, Varispeed for superb line lay, XT7 body for robustness and long term protection against external wear and tear, DynaBalance that eliminates wobble and a power roller that helps you achieve a smoother retrieve.

Features of the Baitrunner DL Reel 
Some other notable features of the Baitrunner DL include a double handle, a spare spool, 3 shielded stainless steel and one roller bearing, a cold forged aluminium spool, a drag power range to 6kgs, a retrieve range of 85-87cm, 3+1 bearings and a weight of 590-595g.

Why buy the Baitrunner DL Reel?
Apart from the inherintly awesome technology, smart looks, sleek design and super smooth handling, there is a model suitable for both match anglers who like to fish small lakes and rivers and bigger specimen hunters that need a reel that will control those big runs for freedom.  The Baitrunner DL 6000 is ideal for smaller lakes and rivers and the 10000 DL is suitable for heavier lines and longer casting ranges.

Get involved. A baitrunner is a big advantage and the term 'baitrunner' is not all that complicated.  Think of it as a reel that will give you longevity, value for money, performance and control.  So much so that you can actually relax a bit more when you are fishing with a Baitrunner reel on your rod.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Stillwater Snude or Snood Headgear

The Stillwater Snude is inspired by the Snood which was traditionally designed to hold hair in a cloth or Yarn bag.  The snood then evolved in many ways, namely the 'Bear Snood' which was a ringed scarf and it is this design which has proliferated through industry, religion and sport.  However it's the Snude's ability to keep the neck warm in cold weather, or protection from the sun that is the biggest advantage to fishermen.

The Snood is a very versatile head garment that can be worn in many ways to protect you from not only the cold but also sun and wind.  They are especially usefully as an alternative to a bulky scarf with added breathability and moisture wicking.  Being relatively thin you would imagine the Snude to be ineffective as an insulator, but you'd be wrong.  It's surprisingly as warm as the traditional snood.

One example of Snood or Snude use is when fishing tropical waters for Bonefish. In combination with a quality pair of sunglasses and hat, the Snude can protect the face from harmful UV rays.  And because the Stillwater Snood is 100% polyester, it's the ideal choice for sun protection.
The Snude Snood comes in various sizes, colours and patterns including Bass, Tarpon Tuna, Atlantic Salmon and Blue Marlin to name but a few.  And now you can by 2 for £8 for a limited time only so hurry while stocks last.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Shimano Baitrunner ST-RB

Shimano Baitrunner ST RB Evaluation

The Shimano Baitrunner ST RB is a serious bit of fishing tackle equipment - so what's all hype?  Well you need to go back to the first Shimano Baitrunner ST, which was undoubtedly one of the best selling baitrunners on the market.  It was reasonably priced and presented the angler with outstanding reliability and bang for buck. If you were ever in the market for a bait runner and didn't wan't to fork all your budget on a reel, the ST was a great first choice.

The newer Shimano Baitrunner ST RB serves the function that all Baitrunners are built for, namely to have a controlled free spool when fishing.  This is achieved with a secondary drag function which essentially means that if you are fishing with baits, you can allow the fish to take the bait, give the fish enough time to run with it, then get a good hook-up. 

Baitrunner ST RB Rear Lever

The lever at the back of the ST RB controls the Baitrunner feature.  The lever offers the ability of little or no tension without opening the reel's bail arm or changing your main drag setting. If you leave the  lever off, then the drag is engaged.  Conversely, when you flip the lever, the spool disengages from the drag which releases tension and the drag function switches to the drag controlled at the back of the reel.  This explains why a lot of reels include RB, FB etc, an abbreviation of 'Front Drag' or 'Rear Drag.'  The rear drag will only put a small amount of pressure on the spool and with minimal impact, the Baitrunner is able to control running fish efficiently.

Once the fish has taken the bait and run with it, you can either make a turn of the reel handle or flip the Baitrunner rear lever and engage the main drag allowing you to fight the fish normally.  So ultimately the positive benefit of a Baitrunner is the ability to allow the line to be let out, under very little tension, not free-spool, to allow the fish run until you set the hook.  The ST RB does this, and some!

Baitrunner ST RB Features in Detail

The new Baitrunner ST RB replaces the best selling ST RA Shimano Baitrunners with a host of new improvements.  It features a Varispeed, AR-C line management system which essentially means good quality line lay.  This is extremely important for precise, long and accurate casting and in the new Baitrunners this is possible through two specifically designed gears, one oval and the other is square shaped.  These gears achieve consistent spool speed by altering the oscillation cam, therefore resulting in superior line lay on the spool and delivering excellent casting and overall manageability

The ST also has an XT-7 body and spool make-up which gives the reel additional strength and protection.  XT-7 is Shimano's new graphite which is 200% stronger than current graphite using Shimano's latest technology for improved rigidity and longevity.  Another great feature of the Baitrunner ST is the new 'Dyna Mode System' which eliminates wobble during retrieve by counter balancing the rotor to enhance sensitivity and smoothness.  This effect is similar in car wheel balancing where there is a re-distribution of weight to create a smoother rotation and greater elimination of vibration.

The ARC System in Baitrunners is particularly clever.  Through thousands of hours of casting tests and computer simulations, Shimano have been able to create a new spool lip design which provides longer casting distances than a standard spool lip design.  This also prevents backlashes and wind knots from forming.  The ARC System also allows line to flow off the spool in smaller loops during the cast which means less 'slap' on the stripper guide and longer casts with less friction.

Lastly, the oversized power roller is a special design feature from Shimano that reduces line twisting during retrieve and is a massive advantage when using thin lines such as monofilament and braid lines. The long term bail arm spring on the ST RB will give you years of reliable use and silky, ultra-smooth rear drag which also  gives you greater confidence in controlling the fish but giving you enough slack to enjoy the tussle.

Baitrunner ST 6000 RB 

The Shimano Baitrunner ST RB comes in two models, the 6000 RB or the 10000 RB.  The 6000 RB weighs 550g, has a line capacity of 300 yards of 10lb line and a gear ratio of 4.6:1.  It's smaller than the 10000 RB so it's an excellent choice for the match or river angler who likes to fish feeder tactics for big specimens such Carp. So the target might be big but the 6000 RB gives you additional confidence and security when bites are aggressive.  The 6000 would also be suitable for Predator fishermen who fish with thicker diameter lines.

Baitrunner ST 10000 RB

The 10000 RB is the big brother of the 6000.  It weighs 555g, has a line capacity of 430 yards of 12lb line and a gear ratio of 4.6:1.  The 10000 is your choice for the big stuff including bigger Pike, Carp or Zander and given it's Baitfeeder abilities, you can hook into fish with confidence.  Just imagine.  You are lying on your bedchair relaxing, watching the rods like a hawk.  Then, all of a sudden the bait alarm goes off but instead of picking the rod up and striking into he fish like an impatient kid waiting for Santa, you wait, you let the fish run a bit and let the Baitrunner lever do it's job.  You simply make a turn of the handle or flip the Baitrunner rear lever and engage the main drag allowing you to fight the fish normally.  Bingo, you're in!

Summary of Baitrunner ST RB

The ST RB is definitely punching above it's weight in terms of quality and price so if you are in the market for a Baitrunner, the ST RB 6000 or 10000 will do the job nicely.  Here's a reminder of what you'll get:

  • Varispeed Gearing
  • ARC Line System
  • XT-7 mould body
  • Dyna mode system
  • Oversized power roller
  • Long term bail arm spring
  • Reliable bait-runner system
  • Rear Drag

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Waspi Antron Dubbing Box II

Waspi Antron Dubbing is one of the most versatile fly tying materials available to fly tiers.  On its own (neat) it adds greater attraction to your flies and gives them a new lease of life.  Alternatively you can mix Antron Dubbing with other furs such as Rabbit or Seals Fur to offer greater colour options.

When tying with Antron Dubbing, there are various methods you can use but one of the most popular is splitting the thread with a needle to make a loop and putting the Antron Dubbing into the loop and twisting the whole thing.  However this method of using Antron is better when you use thicker threads as thinner threads tend to break - and don't forget to wax!

Dubbing Boxes are great when you need a variety of colours for different mixes and the Wapsi Antron Dubbing Box is perfect addition to your fly tying collection.  Whether it's for Trout, Grayling or Salmon flies, Antron will add sparkle and texture to your fly creations, and at only a tenner, there's more reason to get your fly tying vice out and start tying with Antron.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Fishingmegastore's November 2016 Fish of the Month Winners!

The winner of the Fishingmegastore Fish of the Month Competition for November 2016 is James Garvie with this picture of a nice brace of Pike caught at the same time! As usual the judging of our competition was left to our 39,000+ Facebook fans, who voted on their favourite pictures by hitting the Like button, and James was the clear winner with 731 votes in our November 2016 Fishingmegastore FOTM Facebook Gallery!
1st place - James Garvie - 731 Likes!
James wins £100 to spend at Glasgow Angling Centre on fishing gear of his choice plus a nifty GAC cap! We would like to thank everybody that took part, especially all of the youngsters who entered. It's always great to see all the amazing different species from up and down the UK and around the world we get sent in as well! You can check out all the entries here.
2nd Place - Greg Sutherland - 396 Likes
Every month our famous FOTM competition gets bigger and better, with amazing pictures of different fish species being sent in by our customers. We give an awesome new GAC Cap to the entrants that came in 2nd and 3rd place as well, so well done to the runners up, Greg Sutherland and young Zak Dickson, both with cracking fish that got a lot of Likes from the voting public - well done folks!
3rd Place - Zak Dickson - 244  Likes
If you would like to enter our December 2016 FOTM competition simply send us a photograph of you and your catch, when and where you caught your fish, and what tackle and method you used HERE. You can also enter instore - just ask a member of staff for assistance. The winners will be voted for by our customers, simply by hitting Like on the image on Facebook in the entries album and will be chosen on the last day of each month. The best entries will be featured on both our Blog and Facebook page. Good luck and we look forward to seeing the entries. Submit your entry here ...

If you are having difficulty using the the online entry form, simply email your picture and details to any of the usual fishingmegastore addresses, with FOTM in the subject line!  Don't forget to read our Terms and Conditions - please click HERE to see them!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Imax Thermal Fleece Black Undersuit

The Imax Fleece Undersuit is outstandingly warm, comfortable and prefect for wearing under your waterproof suit or floatation suit for extra warmth.  It's a high performance base layer for optimum heat retention and comfort when the temperatures drop.

The Imax Fleece Undersuit also features an elasticated waist and lycra sock for better fit.  There is also a 2 way zip for easy access.  With a soft, supple, lightweight and exceptionally comfortable fibre, the Imax Fleece Undersuit gives you the same level of clothing performance demanded in other outdoor sports.

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