Stillwater Snude or Snood Headgear

The Stillwater Snude is inspired by the Snood which was traditionally designed to hold hair in a cloth or Yarn bag.  The snood then evolved in many ways, namely the 'Bear Snood' which was a ringed scarf and it is this design which has proliferated through industry, religion and sport.  However it's the Snude's ability to keep the neck warm in cold weather, or protection from the sun that is the biggest advantage to fishermen.

The Snood is a very versatile head garment that can be worn in many ways to protect you from not only the cold but also sun and wind.  They are especially usefully as an alternative to a bulky scarf with added breathability and moisture wicking.  Being relatively thin you would imagine the Snude to be ineffective as an insulator, but you'd be wrong.  It's surprisingly as warm as the traditional snood.

One example of Snood or Snude use is when fishing tropical waters for Bonefish. In combination with a quality pair of sunglasses and hat, the Snude can protect the face from harmful UV rays.  And because the Stillwater Snood is 100% polyester, it's the ideal choice for sun protection.
The Snude Snood comes in various sizes, colours and patterns including Bass, Tarpon Tuna, Atlantic Salmon and Blue Marlin to name but a few.  And now you can by 2 for £8 for a limited time only so hurry while stocks last.