Waspi Antron Dubbing Box II

Waspi Antron Dubbing is one of the most versatile fly tying materials available to fly tiers.  On its own (neat) it adds greater attraction to your flies and gives them a new lease of life.  Alternatively you can mix Antron Dubbing with other furs such as Rabbit or Seals Fur to offer greater colour options.

When tying with Antron Dubbing, there are various methods you can use but one of the most popular is splitting the thread with a needle to make a loop and putting the Antron Dubbing into the loop and twisting the whole thing.  However this method of using Antron is better when you use thicker threads as thinner threads tend to break - and don't forget to wax!

Dubbing Boxes are great when you need a variety of colours for different mixes and the Wapsi Antron Dubbing Box is perfect addition to your fly tying collection.  Whether it's for Trout, Grayling or Salmon flies, Antron will add sparkle and texture to your fly creations, and at only a tenner, there's more reason to get your fly tying vice out and start tying with Antron.