Shimano Baitrunner DL Reels in Review

Shimano Baitrunner DL Reels may have been new for 2015, and one of the latest generation in Baitrunners, but it has received a serious upgrade to include components that still ring true today.
Yes it's awesome for Carp fishermen and does include some very distinctive 'Carpy' styling, but its a reel that is equally suited to Predator Fishing too.  This is because the 'Freespool' function of the Baitrunner DL gives you a significant level of control when fishing.  This is possible with a secondary drag function that lets you fish baits with confidence, so if a fish aggressively takes your bait, you can allow the fish to take the bait, run, and with one simple action of turning the handle or disengaging the Baitrunner lever, you will get a good hook-up.
That is one of the great beauties of the Baitrunner DL in particular, namely the ability to disengage the rear lever to allow you to fish normally under the drag setting - once the fish has ran of course. So with minimal tension, not in free-spool mode, you can set the hook at the right time.

Shimano Baitrunner DL Technology
With an incredibly smooth rear drag, and baitrunner free spool mechanism, you have a wide range of tension settings that go from virtually zero resistance for big Predators to almost no resistance for fishing 'snaggy' swims.  Increased tension with a Baitrunner DL will really give you the advantage when big fish are encountered.

All this is possible with some really clever Shimano technology.  Features like ARC Spool, Varispeed for superb line lay, XT7 body for robustness and long term protection against external wear and tear, DynaBalance that eliminates wobble and a power roller that helps you achieve a smoother retrieve.

Features of the Baitrunner DL Reel 
Some other notable features of the Baitrunner DL include a double handle, a spare spool, 3 shielded stainless steel and one roller bearing, a cold forged aluminium spool, a drag power range to 6kgs, a retrieve range of 85-87cm, 3+1 bearings and a weight of 590-595g.

Why buy the Baitrunner DL Reel?
Apart from the inherintly awesome technology, smart looks, sleek design and super smooth handling, there is a model suitable for both match anglers who like to fish small lakes and rivers and bigger specimen hunters that need a reel that will control those big runs for freedom.  The Baitrunner DL 6000 is ideal for smaller lakes and rivers and the 10000 DL is suitable for heavier lines and longer casting ranges.

Get involved. A baitrunner is a big advantage and the term 'baitrunner' is not all that complicated.  Think of it as a reel that will give you longevity, value for money, performance and control.  So much so that you can actually relax a bit more when you are fishing with a Baitrunner reel on your rod.