Daiwa NewEra SLR Fly Rods Cast Further

When you buy a fly rod these days, there are so many different types of material on the market to choose from. There's also things like recovery rate, loading and action, but all fly angers want to know and understand is that the rod casts a long line.  So one rod that dispels all the confusion is Daiwa's Newer LSR Fly Rod.

The NewEra LSR is in fact a new era in fly casting.  It's a tool that's been designed to help you cast further and more accurately without having to go into great detail about how or why.  The rod does this with no significant problem thanks to it's unique carbon blank design and the exhaustive amount testing that's gone into making the rod.

For example torque control and power conversion are big factors in casting, some would argue that they are the 'keys' to distance and accuracy, so the NewEra shifts the paradigm thanks to its very clever Bias Carbon technology.  BCT is the foundation on which the rod is built.  It's where two directions of high grade carbon sheet have been manipulated into 40 degrees which effectively transmits energy and compression evenly around the blank.  However the blank also resists twisting when you load the rod with your fly line.  The end result is a fly rod that delivers greater precision, better line control, better accuracy and increased distance.  The best thing about the rod is that you don't need to get too bogged down by the details because once you've had a cast with this rod you will not only 'feel' the difference but also notice how effortless it is to punt out longer casts.

So if you need some extra yards on your cast, the NewEra SLR is the tool for the job.  It was designed by Hywel Morgan, a very successful competition distance caster, so the rod has been developed to give you the 'edge.'