Broken Back is back!

When I first started in the tackle trade (erm...17 years ago) one of the top lures we sold for trout spinning were the little hand painted French lures called broken back minnows. Over the years the supply of these dwindled, the price rocketed and they sometimes disappeared for months at a time. Every time a supply was secured they would sell out in record time! They were deadly for brownies and sea trout and we caught hundreds of big perch and jack pike on them too.
Broken Back Minnow
Then a few weeks ago our good mate MG said he was bringing a reproduction of the Broken Back Minnow to the market on one of his regular visits to the shop. When I first saw them I was impressed, the moulding was the same as the original, the paintwork was better and the all important swimming action was just as it should be. Even the treble hook was the same style as the original. Plus they work out much cheaper than the French ones ended up!
Behaviour in Water
Check them out instore or online and try them before the end of the season!