Hardy Sintrix on the test rig!

A couple of weeks ago I went down to Alnwick to see the guys from Hardy and Greys, and had a play with all the new gear they will be bringing out in 2011. One of the highlights was having a go of their rod test rig, with one of the new Hardy Sintrix rods. The rod was a normal, off the shelf, Hardy Zenith Sintrix 10' #7, which had been fished with a good few times but had earned the name 'Old Reliable' after beating the rig 21 times! I put it through the full test for the 22nd time and amazingly its still going strong, a testament to the hard work the Hardy team have put into the application of this new material.

Watch this space for more news on the new Hardy Zenith and Hardy Proaxis Sintrix rods and the new Greys XF2, XF2 Streamflex, Plus and Carnivore fly rods.