To Lure a Killer!

To Lure A Killer! Pike fishing on the fly and lures is the latest DVD to be caught and released from BEARLEFT.TV starring champion fly fisherman Hywel Morgan and professional predator angler Ant Glascoe Jr.
Beginning on the picturesque banks of Esthwaite Water high in the Lake District these expert anglers exchange trade secrets, styles and even rods as both try to convince the other that their technique could gain the upper hand.
Hywel takes his lightweight and minimal approach with delicate presentation and surgical precision as he hunts these prehistoric predators like a sniper. Ant gathers up and talks us through his extreme arsenal of loud lures and heavy equipment he uses on a daily bases to pull his quarry from the depths in his know for, and loved, rock ‘n’ roll style!
A nice lure caught double for Ant
Confident in their own skills and disciplines, but truly novices at each other’s, they learn and teach how to use swim baits, hard baits, jerk baits and soft baits, plus how to chuck some impressive fluff and aerialise the perfect loop. But which of the approaches comes out on top? Does Hywel hook his first targeted pike on his trusty fly rod or on the unfamiliar Woody and Alien lures of Ants? Safe to say that the rest of the lake knew about it when he lifted into that fight!
Can Ant get to grips with false casting or the double haul? You will have to watch it to find out!
Hywel gets a nice pike on the fly
Thanks to David Colman, the ranger for his warm welcome at Esthwaite Water, around 42lb of green finned perfection added up to a good day in the boat and the programme was supposed to end there. However, the camaraderie and fun they shared was such an addictive experience that they just had to go for another day and another venue.
After packing up their gear they were on the phone to another ranger Nathan Clayton of the Anglian Water owned Pitsford reservoir and started driving the long road south to Northamptonshire and this was to become the setting for a quick action packed day that doesn’t disappoint either of our heroes. With some cracking jacks jumping onto both rods during this fast paced session all of the methods worked a treat and with the pike handled with a pro touch they were released healthy and safe back to the inky depths.

This DVD will leave you not only with a smile on your face but with a hunger and passion to try the same methods. Whether you’re a fly fishing enthusiast, or a predator hunter there is no doubt that these guys and their techniques are incredibly effective if you want TO LURE A KILLER!


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