Sawyer's Actual Flies - Davie MacPhail

Modern Classics

We've been tying up some Sawyer flies recently using Davie's simple how-to guides.

Pheasant Tail - Davie MacPhail

In this video, however, Davie is going through some flies tied by the famous Angler/River Keeper and Author Frank Sawyer himself. 

These classic patterns include The Killer Bug, Grey Goose and a Pheasant Tail Nymph/Franks "Bow Tie" Buzzer/Midge Pupa.

Davie has a good look at the patterns picking out some variations and little quirks, the use of foils, wools and wires that were available meant that these patterns were innovation borne of necessity. If we didn't have such an abundance of specific materials to choose from these days patterns could well be very similar, reclaimed from scrap or repurposed from other industries.

As Davie mentions, there's still some footage of Frank tying available, here he is demonstrating the Pheasant Tail Nymph in the 1950s.


Try some of these patterns for yourself, there's a reason that they've have endured for decades and are still catching fish today.