Choosing a Boat Multiplier Reel - Value For Money and Proven Performing Picks

When buying a new multiplier reel for boat fishing, there are several things to take in to consideration. Strength, Weight, Cost, Capacity, and star/lever drag etc. The reel that is perfect for drifting small worm baits for plaice is not going to be the same as the perfect reel for giant common skate.

Penn Rival Level Wind 15. This is a great reel for kids, it is compact, lightweight and the level wind means they do not need to worry about thumbing the line on to the spool. It would also be a great small reel for inshore fishing for flatfish, small pollock and coalies. At less than £100 it also makes for a really good option for people who are just getting in to fishing and want quality with out a big price tag.

PennSquall II 30 SD Star Drag Multiplier Reel: a brilliant all rounder - this reel is going to cover lots of bases. Whether you are drifting inshore, working lures or even light wreck fishing this could be the reel for you. The graphite frame gives strength but keeps the weight down and there is plenty line capacity. While it did originally have a price tag of £240 it can now be snapped up for under £100. A REEL bargain!

Daiwa Sealine (Slosh) These reels have an almost cult following with beach anglers, but they are also a good option for boat angling. As they have a centrifugal brake system they can be used for uptide casting, a great technique when fishing at anchor for cod and conger eels. This combined with a large line capacity and the 6.1:1 gear ratio make for a good boat reel.

Shimano TLD II Speed these alongside the single speed versions are real work horse reels used in the UK for heavy wrecking, skate fishing and shark fishing. TLD’s are legends in the fishing world as they are almost bomb proof and capable of withstanding huge amounts of punishment. Teamed up with 30lb and 50lb rods these reels will make catching the biggest ling and conger from deep-water wrecks child’s play.

Shimano Tyrnos 2 Speed and single speed - If the TLD’s are the work horses then these are the heavy armour as they are built for the biggest fastest fish in the sea. In the UK we are talking about deep water skate over 100lbs, blue and porbeagle sharks up to 300lbs and even Atlantic blue fin tuna. These reels are an all metal construction with a power handle (a large rubber ball handle) or a T handle on the big daddy 50lrs (long range special) . The 20,30 and 50 sizes have lugs to attach your fighting harness to. They have oversized gears creating lots of torque to get the biggest fish moving.

Whatever you’re fishing for, there is a reel and a budget to suit you and if you need any help, just ask!

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