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Today we are on the boat with Robbie Northman of Savage Gear with OnTheHookFishing! In this episode we are on Robbie's stretch of water located in Northfolk Broads and the task is to catch some Pike on the Fly. Fly Fishing for Pike can be incredibly rewarding with superb sport, explosive takes and top water action. Use a balanced setup paired with a fly that imitates baitfish and you can get fantastic results from bank or boat targeting this powerful predator.

If you're thinking about trying some fly fishing for Pike then you'll want some heavier gear to tackle these savage predators. First off you'll want to pick up a Fly Rod which is typically at a length of 9ft and capable of casting a 9 or 10 weight fly line, including a wire trace and the fly itself! 

Greys GR80 Prowla 4pc Fly Rods

To complement the rod you'll also want to think about picking up a large, 9 or 10 weight fly reel which has a reliable drag because when it comes to the fight, Pike will thrash and dart around. They are large predators so having a reel capable of fighting them is paramount.

Vision XLS Pikemaniac Fly Reel

When it comes to the line used, this is where it all matters! Go for a short taper line similar to that of a shooting head fly line. Saltwater lines also do well with handling big flies so you have plenty of options when it comes to a selection make sure to choose a cold saltwater line if you aren't fishing in the tropics. Standard Trout taper lines don't perform well when it comes to casting and turning over large Pike flies.

Vision Pikemaniac Fly Lines

The last part of this setup is going to be your leader. Many Pike fly anglers prefer to make their own leaders out of wire, but others prefer to pick up a multi-pack of pre-tied leaders with snaps and swivels and fire away with those. If you're making leaders to perfectly suit yourself you'll want Knottable Wire! This spooled wire is ideal for presenting flies to large predatory fish and quickly tie knots when changing flies!

Scientific Anglers Absolute Predator 7-7 Knotable Wire

Now comes the selection of flies and there are a great many of them! If you're feeling creative you could pick up a Pike fly tying kit and start designing your own or follow guides on how to tie patterns that proven fishcatchers. Alternatively, you can pick up many different kinds of flies off the shelf, some imitating small baitfish and others featuring characteristics you would find on soft plastic lures, like rattles and wiggle tails. 


Turrall Scruffy Tiger Orange Pike Fly #6/0

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