FREE Casting Lessons with Guideline's John Milne at the Spring Open Weekend 2024

Every fly angler starts out as a novice, it's a skill and an art form that needs practice and everybody... no matter how long you've been doing it should learn how to do it correctly!
That's where instructors like 
John Milne come into play. Guidance and instruction makes learning how to cast a fly line a lot easier and the tips & tricks that come from instructors like John, stay with us for a very long time.

If you've ever considered trying fly fishing, then John will be here during our Open Weekend to provide you with some casting lessons! As mentioned before John is an instructor, but he is one of the few instructors that holds the prestigious Scottish Game Angling Instructors Certificate (SGAIC). He is also accredited through the Scottish Anglers National Association (SANA). 

Representing Guideline, John will have a range of rods available to cast on the day. If you fancy testing your skills on our Casting Competition ask John for details all weekend and see if you can top the leaderboard for the daily prize or scoop top spot and win yourself a brand new rod!

John at our Casting Pool

If you attend the Open Weekend this March and you take up some casting lessons with John. If you enjoy what you learned from him and you want to continue your learning, then you can request tuition from John on his website, Fly Casting Scotland! We highly recommend it!

A little more about John; He was introduced to fishing at the age of 7 by his Uncle and has been teaching and guiding since 1999. His achievements include being a successful competition angler, winning some fifty events. He has written thousands of articles which have been published across Newspapers and Magazines. He featured on the popular BBC, Fred MacAuley show in 2009, talking about the art of fly casting.

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