How to tie the Humungus Booby by Steve Cullen

When you're searching for those big fish, they deserve a big fly to entice them in! Today we are having a look at the Humungus Booby, tied by Steve Cullen. This fly is a combination of two flies; the Humungus, a Scottish pattern which originates from Loch Leven and the Booby, a pattern developed by Gordon Fraser in the 1980's.

As Steve explains the key to a great Humungus for him is the choice of silver wire, explaining that really limp/soft silver wire is the best! Steve finds that big fish really like Polar UV Flash, so he adds some to compliment the silver wire and add to the patterns appeal.

The bright white Marabou is then added to create that iconic Humungus tail, the body is completed with a fine silver wire for the rib, a very thin silver chenille and then to create that hackled body, a long saddle feather is tied in.

Finally, this is where a beaded eye would be tied in to create a classic Humungus, but instead, a large set of booby eyes are tied in and this creates the disturbance needed to attract fry feeding Trout.

All of the materials needed to tie this fly are available from Glasgow Angling Centre as listed below, but as always, if you need any help finding materials or substitutes then we'll be happy to help.