Daiwa Fish of the Week Entries 2023 #39 - Salmon, Brown Trout, Tench, Flounder, Carp, Pike Perch & Tope

Another great week of catches with plenty of variety from a beautiful croc in spawning colour in a lesser fished water, a very late season Tinca, a Carper's dream trip abroad to a super successful 70th  celebratory Sea Adventure 

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Alex Knight Salmon: After a few days fishing on the Deveron with a group of friends, Alex and his friend James decided to take a hike up to some hard to get to and under-fished water. Seeing a big fish show, Alex fished down to where he saw it, once his fly was in 3ft of water everything just locked up solid and a croc was on. The battle ensued with Alex fighting a big fish in fast water off a spit of an island making it difficult to tame but he got the net under this lump that swam off after a couple of quick photos.

George Gall Brown Trout: George was fishing Rescobie Loch in a local club competition on Saturday when he hooked this Brownie that put up a great fight with some amazing runs. Caught on a pearly cormorant it weighed 7 lb 15oz

Andrew McPeake Tench: Autumn has its challenges with very blustery conditions, so after being soaked on his last two outings, Andrew chose a venue with some shelter from the wind. Setting off at 5am and fishing by first light targeting silver fish with a mixture if Swim Stim Groundbait and Krill Meal.  The target was silver fish but but he surprisingly hooked two two Tench that got off in the reeds. Convinced by 10am he'd lost his chance to net one, Andrew's bite alarm went crazy and a fish shot off to the middle of the loch, after what seemed an age he landed this a tench of 4lb 6oz.  Andrew was chuffed so late in the season and can't wait until next spring to target them again.

Blair Laing Flounder: Caught on Black Lug

Cal Boyd Pair of 50lb Carp: Cal was lucky enough to fish the beautiful Lake Bled in Slovenia for 4 days with some friends. The fishing was challenging as the lake is 400 acres and 100 feet deep in places. They hired bikes to move around the lake and stay on the fish, Cal caught both of the carp stalking out of the edge less than a rod length from the bank in 3 feet of water. Both fell to tiger nut and boilie approach and put up incredible fights in the deep gin clear water.

John Kenny Pike: This 35lb lump of a Pike was caught on a private water using
deadbaits and tackle all bought from the Glasgow Angling Centre

Connor Stewart Perch: Connor caught this specimen at a Scottish loch, when he saw how big the fish was and how lightly hooked it was during the fight he let out a sigh of relief when he slipped the net under it.

Bill Sutherland Tope: As part of his 70th Birthday Gift from his wife, Bill set off on his first sea fishing adventure with his friends setting off out of Port Patrick. Bill caught then beat lots of PBs with this 40lb Tope and a 108lb Skate being a pick of the bunch.

Marc Anderson Brown Trout: Caught in the pitch black during heavy rain, while lure fishing from the shore of a Highland Loch,  The beast smashed the lure seconds after it hit the water, the trout was remarkably acrobatic considering its huge size and cleared the water several times. Initially they thought it was a good double until it hit the net and could see the girth, it measured 86cm on the mat!

Darren Mclean Brown Trout: Fishing for Salmon Darren heard a big splash up river. In a shallow run he cast his 28g salmo toby upstream, using a fast retrieve when my rod bent. Initially he thought he'd had hooked a Grilse but it turned out to be a nice brown trout. He didn't weigh the fish just snapped a quick photo and returned it.

Kobi Wilson Perch: Kobi, who's 10 caught his biggest ever Perch at Whitefield Loch near Glenluce. He couldbn't believe the size of it when he reeled it in, quickly unhooked a cheeky picture and released back into the loch.