Daiwa Fish of the Week Entries 2023 #36 - Salmon, Brown Trout, Buss Huss, Rainbow Trout, Perch, Roach, Carp, Roosterfish, Mackerel, Grayling, Pollack, Pike.

 We've got some fantastic entries this week with a variety species from up and down the country and beyond: With fish caught from the shore from kayaks, from boats, in rivers, lochs and a couple of holiday captures from Mexico and the Gairloch. There's  Salmon, Brown Trout, Buss Huss, Rainbow Trout, Perch, Roach, Carp, Roosterfish, Mackerel, Grayling, Pollack, Pike all on the panel this week! We would like to thank everyone who entered!

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Alex Brown Trout: Fishing Loch of Clumly where Alex had blanked for the whole of last season, he was rewardeed with 5lb+ of wild Orkney Brownie that Alex described as the bonniest fish he's ever seen.

 Cez Simeons Roosterfish: This stunning rooster fish estimated at 73lb was caught off the coast of Pedasi, Panama on a guided trip hosted by Sam Wadman of Fish Pedasi. The colossal exotic, engulfed a livebait blue runner on his Penn Slammer Reel and utter pandemonium ensued once the fish realised it was hooked. Run after run saw the behemoth rooster eventually gas out after 15 minutes fight time and two sore arms later.

Jason Love Pike: 9 year old Jason caught his first pike at loch awe. When he brought it in it had line, hooks and a dead roach attached to it. With help from his Dad it was cleared and put back safely.

Anthony Rasmussen Salmon: This huge fish was caught Monday 11/09 on the Boat Pool of the North Esk, weighing in at 40lb in the weighnet it's the biggest fish of the year on the Esk. Measured and safely released to continue it's journey.

Ramsay Steele Perch: Ramsey fishes for Pike and Perch every weekend and any weeknight chance he gets, he caught this perch using a 4ft Shakespeare Kayak outfit he bought from the Glasgow Angling Centre. It took a large spoon and fought as hard as a Pike twice it's size!

Henry Watt Trout: A trip to Willowgate Fisheries was a success with 3 rainbow trout on a little silver spinner.

Greig Lyall Brown Trout: Fishing his local river, as soon as his 2 inch Rapala hit the water this big fish smashed it. At first Greig thought it was a salmon due to the size of it. My younger brother had seen it turn in the water and shouted its a massive Brownie before sliding down the bank so he could net the fish!

Ian Astill Pollack: Ian and his friend Mark headed out on our boat for an early morning session on some inshore marks.  This Pollack took the lure on the drop almost immediately after it hit the water and crash dived to the bottom.  After a brilliant fight on light gear he managed to get it to the net.
Gear used: Daiwa Prorex S 8ft 10-40g , Lews Custom  Pro Baitcasting Reel, 30lb Sufix 832 Braid, 20lb Fluorocarbon leader,  No.4 Fiiish Black Minnow.

Henry Watt Brown Trout: Very nice Brown trout caught on the River Earn

Seb Dormand Grayling: Caught on a gold bead pheasant tail nymph whilst fishing on the River Clyde, tied using a pheasant tail passed on to me from a friend's mother whilst she was out a walk. Seb thought he'd snagged a log as it wouldn't budge for the first few seconds.

William Macdonald Mackerel: 1.84lb mackerel caught on Loch Fyne  using a set of Daylights, William said it took like an express train and he thought it was a Pollack until it showed itself.

Gail Brandon Bull Huss: Caught onboard the Dawn Venture, Portpatrick 06th Sept 2023. Weighing in at 12lb this Huss is Gails first time holding a shark!

Niki Wildman Carp: caught at Drumtassie fishery earlier this year, weighing in at 22lb 4oz this is Scottish International Team Member Niki's first Scottish 20lb+ Carp. 

Blair Laing's 1lb perch

Michael Leggert Roach: Michael was Carp fishing when he caught this 1.7lb beauty.

Sarah-Louise Miller Rainbow Trout: Sarah-Louise's first ever fly caught fish, caught on a lightweight setup it was netted, photographed and safey returned.

Daniel McGuire Pike: 3 hours into a fishing trip Daniel's rod screamed away and he burst out of the bivvy to set the hook into this 24lb 5oz Pike that gave him the best battle he's ever had.

Isaac Fallows Balllan Wrasse: Isaac was fishing Gairloch harbour whilst on holiday in the area when he caught this Wrasse using a Cheb rigged fox critter using his 2-18g light setup

Frank Gourlay Perch: Frank was fishing from his new SIB on Loch Lomond when he caught this big Perch. He's only started this style of fishing after 40 years of fishing all around Scotland's sea lochs but he's definitely hooked!