Daiwa Fish of the Week Entries 2023 #35 - Sea Scorpion, Topknot, Tiger Trout, Perch, Carp, Pike, Perch, Brown Trout.

We've got some fantastic entries this week with a variety species from up and down the country: With Scorpion Fish, Topknot, Tiger Trout, Perch, Carp, Pike, Perch, Brown Trout all on the panel this week! We would like to thank everyone who entered!

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Topknot a small, strange fish with an unusual ability more here

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Harris Cox Short Spined Sea Scorpion: A wee fishing trip to Greenock with his dad turned into a red letter evening for Harris. He caught his first Cod a Pollack some Goldsinny Wrasse and then he hooked this beast of a Sea Scorpion that was 32cm long and put up epic scrap on a 7-28 g LRF setup.

Martin Rowlands Topknot : Caught at Custom house Quay in Falmouth Caught using a Shakespeare Agility LRF rod 0.5-7g with a 3g running barrel weight to 3lb hooklength and a size 16 barbless hook baited with a tiny strip of ragworm.

Aaron McBride Tiger Trout: Aaron's first Tiger Trout, he said it put up some fight took me about 10 min to get it in on his lightweight setup, Took a small brown palmer dry fly on a slow retrieve.

Brian Scott Perch: A stunning 40cm Perch caught as his local pond

David Boles Carp: David had a day off work and headed off to Eliburn Reservoir for a night fishing session. At around 10pm his right rod roared off with this cracker. Colin The Common weighing in at 26 and a half pounds

Evan Fulton Perch: Evan was dropshotting worms along the deck with my ultra light set up, now and again hitting a few nice perch around the 1lb mark, he cast a little further out by the weeds and retrieved very slowly. He hit into this fish and thought it must be a Pike but when he slipped the net under this 2lb Perch he was delighted. 

Karol Zarski Pike: When bites dried up while float fishing for Roach on his local river Karol decided to get the Pike rod out of the car.

Laurence Kelly Perch:  Sharing his Perch after seeing Josh's catch in last weeks paper. This beauty was caught at Loch Voil on 18-08-23

Maciej Korytko Trout: PB SMASHED Amazing fight from an 87cm Ferox. The fish was quickly measured and released

Sean McKenzie Pike: Sean's my first ever pike and it is one to remember at 15lb. Sean was trolling with a friend on a highland loch when this magnificent fish smashed his orange and black Abu Garcia Toby and just headed for deep water took 10 minutes of the reel screaming before they first saw it. The fish saw the boat put up another fight by the gunnels before they slipped the net under it.

Steven Little Common Carp: Caught on a trip to my local pond this cracking Common came to a method feeder and Dynamite Chocolate Orange.