Where to Catch Salmon - OnTheHookFishing In Search of Silver Tourists!

Today we are checking out the 6th episode of Fishing with Fred, brought to you through the OnTheHookFishing Youtube Channel

Fred and his friend have set out in search of Salmon on a River well known for its large specimens. They start near where the river meets the ocean, an area Fred explains as a wide expanse of land, void of any trees and full of grazing cattle and sheep. However, as they travel upstream, the river narrows and they eventually enter an area surrounded by shrubs and trees, changing the scenery completely. The Rivers flow starts to slow in these narrowed, twisting areas and these places allow for potential Salmon to catch a break in their quest to travel upstream to spawn. So this is an ideal place to target fish and see if they can get a take.

Hooked into a Salmon, smiles all round!

Fred is using some typical small water fly techniques, his rod is a little shorter at 12ft6 and they're not making massive spey casts or dealing with tricky wading conditions. There are lots of these smaller rivers in Scotland with good returns and miles of fishable water check out FishPal for catch returns and Rod availability.

If you explore the rivers around Scotland it's not just fly water, when targeting Salmon there are plenty of ways and a long list of beautiful places to do it.

Spinning for Salmon, if the beat isn't Fly Only spinning allows you to fish and cover tree-lined or inaccessible runs. Our top picks would definitely be Flying C's, Megabass Vision Onetens although the new Berkley Dex Stunna looks like it's going to be an excellent lure. 
Don't forget about Devon Minnows, we've got a more in-depth guide to them HERE
Salmon worming, where allowed, can be an extremely effective method. Work on reading the groins on the river and bouncing your bait through all the likely lies. 

Check out our blog on reading salmon rivers HERE to help you pick up some silver tourists of your own. If you need any guidance, then pop into our Glasgow or Edinburgh stores and ask a member of staff, they'll be more than happy to help.