OnTheHookFishing - Scottish Pike - Fishing Loch Lomond with Abu Garcia

Today we are checking out a video from OnTheHookFishing, this time featuring the guys from Abu Garcia, Simon and Hugo! They've come to Scotland to fish for some aggressive, toothy predators and what better venue to target them, than on Loch Lomond!

The start of their journey takes them to the flats of the Loch to target Pike, basking in the shallows. Fishing Surface and Shallow swimming jerkbaits, they manage to pull several Jack's from the shallows and Simon even manages to entice a larger specimen to strike his Berkley Zilla Glider. Simon reflects on where he is and states that Holland only really has man-made canals and industrial harbours, whereas the Loch that he's fishing, is totally natural, surrounded by trees, the birds chirping and the mist rolling in from the hills.

After landing that larger specimen, the bites become a little sparse so, the guys decide to switch it up a little. Simon switches from a large Berkely Zilla Glider down to a smaller McSnack Hardbait. Hugo switches out for a similar sized lure, from the Berkely Zilla Glider to a Berkley Jointed Glider. After some casts they land a couple more Jacks. This is followed by the most important part of the day: Coffee time.

As the Morning mist clears and the temperature rises, the guys decide to make a head start on getting to the deeper waters of the Loch. This is where they deploy some Sonar to aid in their attempt to bring some larger Pike off the depths. Using an imitation Roach with a Screw-in Jighead and a treble stinger, they cast the lure out and watch the sonar screen. using the screen they can watch their lure bounce and bob in the deep water, but also spot any potential Pike, hiding in the darkness.

They scan around for a while and target Pike they believe will come off the bottom to strike, but due to how clear the sky is, the sun beating down and a lack of wind, the Pike have become quite lethargic and lazily strike. However, with the right colour of lure, both Simon and Hugo manage to pull in some large specimens, both aggressive and full of power.

For the remainder of the evening, the boys catch Pike after Pike. Using the Sonar and the imitation roach, they find great success, even landing a Pike at a length of 105cm! Towards the end of the session they even manage to pull in a Pike which has a very strange pattern to it. The funny thing about this Pike, is that the boys catch it 2mins later! They managed to move from the location they were in, cast their lure out and managed to pull it back in again! 

Kit as seen in the video: