Species Hunting with John Locker - OnTheHookFishing

Species hunting on the coast can be a great deal of fun, especially if you have a boat! Today we are checking out a new video from OnTheHookFishing featuring special guest, John Locker from The Fish Locker YouTube Channel! John is an incredibly experienced sea angler and in this video he doesn't have a specific species he wants to target, instead he's going out to a reef to target a variety of species from Cuckoo Wrasse, Poor Cod, Ballan Wrasse, to Conger Eels!

John takes us out to a mark that he is familiar with and runs us through some of the kit and rigs that he will be using. He runs two setups, both with the same rig attached, the difference being that his spinning setup has smaller baits and his multiplier setup has bigger/heavier baits. The rigs he is using are called scratching rigs which are "catch anything" style rigs and because today is all about targeting everything, they're just what he needs! The bait that he's using for his spinning setup are small slices of frozen squid and for his heavier setup he also uses frozen squid and mackerel flappers later on for targeting larger reef species.

He picks up a good variety of Cuckoo Wrasse in their vibrant, colourful patterns. Occasionally he picks up a Pouting and even manages to land himself a Three Bearded Rockling! Eventually after catching smaller species, he rigs up a Conger Rig and fires a Mackerel flapper into it and lands himself a fantastic looking Conger eel!