Affordable Fishing - Spend a little, Catch a lot!

Getting Started:

There’s a lot of Fishing Tackle in the world and for those who want to get into the sport, they always manage to get inundated with all the top-of-the-range gear. When you're starting out the sheer range of gear the number of different fishing styles and locations can be off-putting but getting into fishing doesn't need to break the bank.

Many people who are now well-seasoned anglers who've put years on the bank honing their skills began their love for fishing with simple gear on family holidays or days out at local burns or lochs with friends. Most of them started with a combo that came from a Woolies or a tacklshop like ourselves at Glasgow Angling Centre. We still sell a stack of these blister packs and have pre-made kits on the shelves as well as combo discounts that are ideal to get youngsters started, help you on a journey with a new fishing style or pick up an upgrade and save on some matching gear.

We all start somewhere

Lots of these combos were cheap & cheerful but they got the job done. There must have been 1'000'000s of fish caught with those little telescopic kits that came in wee case, while a £1 in 1970 spends a bit differently today there's still fantastic value for money and much better higher tech gear available to get you out at catching whatever species your after.

1970s Woolworth Advert

Over on FishingMegastore, we have a huge selection of combo packs available across all disciplines including: Fly Fishing, Spinning, Predator, Carp, Coarse, Sea and LRF Kits

The Stillwater Full Monty Kits, are some of our best sellers. They've got everything you need to get started from Rods & Reels to Lures & Leads. These could be the best value-for-money outfits on the market for the amount of gear you’re getting in each, the contents vary but the quality is always kept up to standard.

Stillwater Full Monty Spin Combo

When you start driving, you don’t go out and buy yourself a brand new Porsche 911, what you actually do is go out and buy something a little cheaper, slower and basic, building your confidence and driving ability. The same goes for fishing. Keep it simple, keep it cheap and you’ll catch fish just as much as you would beside someone who owns a reel worth 10x. Once you know your style or preferences you can buy some more bits, upgrade others and work towards having a full fishing shed!

If you're getting the kids out fishing over the School Holidays remember we are on hand 7 days a week at Glasgow Angling Centre & Edinburgh Angling Centre to help you, there's loads of inexpensive gear to get them started, we can show you where to go, what you need and how to use it - just ask, it's what we do!

Call us or drop in and see us! You can find directions to both our Glasgow and Edinburgh Stores, as well as additional information by clicking here.