Patience, Precision and Luck - Fly Fishing for Wild Brown Trout with Howard Croston

Fly Fishing; love it or hate it, it's one of the more artistic methods of fishing. Using the weight of the line to reach fish laying in cover, making use of a rivers flow to present flies in a natural way and of course, creating flies that will catch fish! Speaking of catching fish, today we are checking out a new video from OnTheHookFishing featuring Howard Croston, former world fly fishing champion, sharing his expert tips and techniques on how to catch wild Brown Trout!

Howard begins the video by explaining that when you get to the River, don't immediately jump to fishing straight away. Instead,  just walk a certain length of the water before committing to any fishing. You may find that the area which you regularly see anglers on is relatively quiet, however,  as you walk down or up stream, there seems to be more activity on the water. Furthermore, watching the water itself to see if any Trout are rising and on a regular feed can pay off and provide excellent results! Remember to also keep an eye on any sort of hatch that might be happening whilst you're scanning the water, matching the hatch is the way to go.

Once you've walked the river, noted locations where you know there are fish slowly or regularly feeding and you know the hatch, it's time to get fishing. Referring back to the video, Howard makes use of some dry flies and fishes them upstream, allowing the flow of the river to naturally pull the fly down over the area where he knows a few fish are feeding and then his preparation pays off!

To round it off, we're going to talk a little about the gear used in the video and our recommendations for those maybe wanting to give Fly Fishing a go! Some of the gear Howard uses in the video is as follows:

if you're looking for a setup to get fishing on Rivers, Lochs and beyond we've got something to get you started out kitted out for a new style: