Coastal Sea Trout on the Fly - Recommended Patterns & Techniques

Coastal Fishing for Sea Trout is a great experience, you'll either catch or you'll be humbled by these elusive specimens. Today we are checking out a video of Fred from OnTheHook Fishing, targeting Coastal Sea trout on a small island in Denmark called Møn. Now, Coastal Sea trout fishing is very common in Scandinavian countries, but it is becoming more common in the UK with estuary tickets becoming available such as the Forth Coastal Sea Trout Season Permit.

In the UK, Sea Trout fishing is traditionally done on rivers at night or on a boat, drifting on lochs like Lomond (Lomond Drift Maps) but if you're looking for a different challenge once the season kicks off we heartily recommend getting your waders in the salt and trying to tempt a Sea Trout on the Fly from the sea shore.

Here's a list of patterns we'd recommend you have in your Fly Box to target Sea Trout on the coast.