Hard Lure Fishing for Perch with Berkley & Abu Garcia

Today we are checking out some Perch action in Holland! The Netherlands is a popular destination for a lot of Perch anglers, especially those who love to cast lures. Fishing alongside the guys from OntheHookFishing is Simon Torenbeek, an avid predator angler and Product Developer for Abu Garcia/Berkley. Most of the lures you see in this video are from Abu Garcia/Berkleys new range of Pulse and Dex lures, including the highly popular Stunna and Spintail XL!

Interested in some of the Kit that was featured in the video?
Lures seen in the video:
  • Pulse Spintail XL
  • DEX Stunna Plus1
  • Pulse Fry Deep
  • Pulse Minnow
  • Pulse Fry Shallow
  • Pulse Pop
  • Pulse Vibe
  • DEX Bullet Jerk TSR