Fishing For Pike: Lures VS Deadbaits!

The question that get's asked a lot around fishing for Pike is: What do you use? Lures or Deadbait? Well, on todays episode of OnTheHook Fishing, we get to see which method fares the best! Joining OnTheHook Fishing today are Nathan, Sean and Tom from the Youtube channel, Snagged Bro. Sean and Tom will be taking up the lures and Nathan will be using an array of deadbaits to try and get those Pike biting! There's a lot of debate over which is best but really it boils down to how much fun you have with either method. Deadbaiting has a lot of prep work involved, but that appeals to anglers who want to patiently wait on a float twitching or a bite indicator ringing out. Others prefer lure fishing for predators and with a wide variety of lures available, there's never one true answer to "what lure?".

Interested in some of the Kit that was featured in the video?