Improve your Fly Tying at The GAC Autumn Open Weekend


Over the Open Weekend 23rd, 24th & 25th of September, our famous Fly Tyers Row will be in back up and running in the centre aisle of the Glasgow Angling Centre.

There's something for everyone at 'fly tyer's row'. You get to watch the masters in action, and to get a close-up of how to execute a variety of techniques.
If you've never tied or your little ones fancy a go a fly-tying we have lots of customers who made their first flies at one of our shows and have gone on to be passionate fly tyers and anglers.
For experienced anglers, this is a superb opportunity to brush up on techniques and see the latest innovations as well as just chatting fishing with some of the best in the business. From the subtlest river imitations through the most garish stillwater patterns to the flies for the biggest predators in salt and fresh water our Fly Tyer's row has you covered. 

Some of the confirmed Fly Tyers

Barry Ord Clarke - Veniard
Born in England, Barry Ord Clarke is an internationally acclaimed and much published photographer and writer. His work as a fly fishing photographer has taken him to over 40 different countries and 4 continents. He is a regular contributor to numerous fishing magazines world wide. 
Barry was voted Fly Tyer Magazine’s Fly Tyer of the Year in December 2021 and is a regular guest at shows all over the world. His best selling Fly Tying for Beginners and Feather Bender’s Techniques book are fantastic guides to break down and simplify the artform.
For the past twenty years he has lived in Norway where he works as a professional photographer and a fly tying consultant for The Mustad Hook Company. Barry’s fly tying blog, the feather bender, clocks up over 2000 visits per day and alongside his YouTube channel is a mine of Fly Tying information.

Barry Ord Clarke

Darryl Mooney - Partridge
Darryl is the UK and Ireland Sales Director for Partridge of Redditch and has been tying for over 36 years. He grew up fishing for wild brownies on his local River Lagan in Northern Ireland and this remains his passion to this day. A committed advocate of catch and release, he has a particular interest in all aspects of Euro Nymphing and will be demonstrating tying his Woven Czech Nymphs as well as being on hand to offer advice on the range of Partridge Hooks and Sprite Hooks on all three days.

Darryl Mooney

Paul Clydesdale - Fulling Mill/Gulff
Paul started fly fishing at the age of 11, tying his first flies almost as soon as he picked up his fly rod. The obsession began with rainbow trout fishing then progressed on to fly fishing for salmon on the spate rivers around Ayrshire. As the obsession grew so did the species and the destinations: Bonefish fishing in Mexico, Hawaii, Christmas Island, and the Bahamas to fly fishing for wild brown trout and Pollack in the north of Scotland.

Pike fly fishing is a huge part of his life and he now find himself travelling further afield to satisfy his pike obsession, with the northern pike of Canada are firmly set in his sights. Paul works alongside Fulling Mill passing on his pike fly fishing knowledge and making his go-to patterns available to buy over the counter check out the Clydesdale Range HERE.

Paul Clydesdale

Steve Cullen - Vision/Gulff
If you're a regular reader of our Blog you'll be familiar with Steve's Fly-Tying on his YouTube channel, Steve has been in the fly fishing industry for decades working as a writer, magazine editor, fishing guide, product developer and more. He's got a passion for the sport and spreading the word he's always approached his work as a way to ducate and enhance the skills of any angler, whether they be new to the sport or 'dyed in the wool fly fishers'.

Check out his website for details on his guiding services and links to Steve's excellent blog.
Steve Cullen

Alex Rook - Veniard
Alex is a renowned Destination fly fisherman that is willing to travel the world in pursuit of his target species.  Over the years he has racked up an amazing list of trophy catches including monster Pike, massive Perch, Wells Catfish, Striped Bass, European Sea Bass, giant Peacock Bass, Vampire Fish, Roosterfish, Giant Trevally, Arapaima and Big Bull Redfish to name only a few.
Alex Rook

Allan Liddle - Partridge/Sprite

Based in Morayshire Scotland, GAIA qualified Trout instructor Allan Liddle has been a regular contributor to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine since 2001. Check out some of his writing HERE. Allan specialises in wild Trout from wild places throughout the Scottish mainland and the outer isles in both running and still water and is equally as happy on the largest rivers and lochs, through to the smallest streams and lochans. Although he enjoys all forms of fly fishing, Allan has a special passion for fishing dries, claiming 'The anticipation and visual thrill of the take is by far the most exciting and satisfying aspect of the sport.'

Allan Liddle

Our new improved instore format will be bringing you some of the UK's top fly tyers, sponsored as always by Veniard and supported by Partridge of Redditch, Sprite and Vision/Gulff - making this the premier fly tying event in Scotland! 
All of these fly dressers are at the very top of their game and will gladly go out of their way to show you how to perform the latest techniques and how to tie any style of fly you can think of. They will even take the time to guide you round our massive fly tying department during their scheduled 'floor time', helping you to choose the right equipment and best fly tying materials and fly tying tools from our extensive range.  You can also take advantage of some great deals on hooks and materials as well as a few new product launches over the weekend.

There really is something for everyone at these events, that's why they are the biggest in Scotland - and this one promises to be the biggest ever! With FREE parking and FREE entry, there will be loads of things to see and do on the Open Weekend as well as some amazing bargains on all types of fishing tackle. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and instore for more info on what's going on at this event! Plus don't forget to register for your FREE GIFT on the day! Click HERE for details!