How to Improve Your Lure Fishing at the GAC Open Weekend

The Glasgow Angling Centre 20222 Autumn Open Weekend is coming up and we've got some of  the best Lure anglers and Biggest Lure Brands coming along to help you get the best out of your Lures no matter what species you're chasing. 


Come along and meet Robbie Northman from Savage Gear at the Sepetmber 2022 Open Weekend.  Robbie is a consultant with Savage Gear and he will also be offering tips and demonstrating his lure fishing skills in our lure tank.

Savage Gear are amongst the most innovative lure brands in the world with several Efftex awards over the last decade, they continue to develop and improve on lures for Predatory fish in fresh and Saltwater.

Savage Gear Selection

If you need advice about any of the fantastic lures in the Savage Gear range, and how to fish them successfully, Robbie is the man to ask.  
They've also launched an extensive range of rods and reels that cover all forms of modern lure fishing, ask Robbie to have a go with some of them over the Open Weekend.
If you’ve not tried Light Rock fishing it’s a method that can get you and the kids catching off rocks, piers, harbour walls pretty much anywhere around our coast. TronixPro & HTO’s LRF guru Jake Schogler will be at our Open Weekend to give you a rundown on where to start with the little stuff in Salt and Fresh water.

Be sure to ask Jake about the French Fry Lures, Go-Box! kits and the Schlugg Range of lures that Jake designed for HTO,  Jake's also become a keen lure maker picking up the skills over the lockdowns in 2020/21 he'll have a box of Jake Specials with him for you to see how hard lures can be tuned for maximum effect.

The HTO Nebula range has been a huge hit, with Bass specialist lure rods down to the Rock Rover. the HTO guys will have a range of rods, reels, braids and lures with him for you to check out on the day.

MOLIX have been a star turn at the Open Weekend and they're bringing some Italian flair back to the Glasgow store this weekend. Molix have a reputation for developing some superb innovative fishing products and accessories. With a passion for angling in all stages of design, development, control and marketing they produce some awesome modern fishing tackle.

Jordan, Carlo and Tomasso will all be in Glasgow over the weekend to help you with all aspects of lure fishing. Come along, speak to Carlo & the boys and be sure to enter one of their prize draws that will be getting drawn at close of business each day.


Since the Fox Rage gear exploded onto the market, we've seen the range expand and the specimen captures just keep coming! All the lure anglers on the GAC team will tell you how effective their Spiky Shads and Slick Shads are for Pike and Perch in Scotland.

Craig will be attending the Autumn Show

The combination of Fox Rage's range with Salmo and Strike-King makes for possibly the most complete line-up you'll see for targeting freshwater predators. The guys will have plenty on show for you to see up close as well as demoing how best to use them in the luretank so you can see the action up close.

If you watch any of the big European Predator fishing competitions you'll be familiar with the Westin Brand. With memorable names and fantastic pedigree Westin lures have become a mainstay of our Lure Wall, Stanley the Stickleback and Mike the Pike have been two of our top lures for Perch and Pike. The Salty Jig is probably the most popular metal lure for Bass and Seatrout in the shop, if you're a saltwater lure angler you NEED to have one in your box. 

Give the Westin team a shout when you're in the store and they'll be able to show you some more of their extensive range, talk you through some of the in-depth videos their proteam has out together and let you try their rods, luggage and accessories for yourself.

Ingvar Westin grew up in the fertile fishing grounds north of Stockholm. There, he plied his trade as a skilled toolmaker, creating intricate carvings and devices for artisans in the nearby cities. Ingvar lived a humble life, so when his children wanted a new toy, he decided to create one himself. Soon, a cottage industry developed, and Ingvar transitioned from a toolmaker to a lure maker with a bustling production line fueled by the prolific pike waters of Sweden.

By the time stories of a 45 lbs pike caught on a Jätte began circulating in 1977, Ingvar Westin’s lure was known throughout Scandinavia as the go-to big predator lure.

There really is something for everyone at these events, that's why they are the biggest in Scotland - and this one promises to be the biggest ever! With FREE parking and FREE entry, there will be loads of things to see and do on the Open Weekend as well as some amazing bargains on all types of fishing tackle. Keep an eye out on FacebookTwitterInstagram and instore for more info on what's going on at this event! Plus don't forget to register for your FREE GIFT on the day! Click HERE for details!