An Introduction to Coarse Angling

After scrolling through various photos on social media platforms and watching many videos, you've probably caught the itch for Coarse fishing. The trouble is, where do you start? What's the easiest ways to target fish and what do you need exactly? All these videos and photos you've liked feature loads of gear and equipment! A bit overwhelming, but it's actually quite straight forward, so here's some tips to get yourself started!

One of the easiest and most effective ways to target fish on match ponds through the summer months is with a method feeder set up. The following items are all that you require to get set up and provided you can continually hit the same area with your feeder you'll eventually build up a small bed of bait to keep the fish feeding on your spot, consistency is key with this method!

The Rod

The Daiwa Ninja Feeder Rods - These rods are built for performance and reliability, the attention to detail is second to none. Each model of the Ninja feeder range is built to Daiwa's exacting standards. With unrivalled performance, these rods are excellent value for money and will serve you well.

The Reel

The Daiwa Ninja Match & Feeder Reel - Continuing with the Daiwa brand, the Ninja Match & Feeder Reels are the perfect companion for the Ninja Feeder Rod. Built to an incredible standard and come featuring some of the latest tech, these value for money reels will exceed all expectations!

The Setup

To get set up, run your main line through your in-line method feeder and tie off to a quick change bead on the other side, then attach a ready made rig as detailed below - add your soaked pellet to the method feeder and a hookbait to your rig and you're ready to fish. After casting ensure you sink your line and stay tight to your feeder, as this will help with bite detection.

  • 2mm pellet
    • Tip: expander pellets are used for method feeder fishing, fill a tub full of 2mm pellet and let them soak for 2 minutes, when your time is up drain off your pellets and allow them a few minutes to sit, before moulding them round your method feeder and lastly gently placing your hookbait into the feeder too - then you're ready to fish! 

  • Hookbaits (There's no wrong answer to Hookbaits, everyone has their favourite)

The only other items you'll need are a net, an unhooking mat, as well as a chair to sit on and some rod rests to put your rod in. If you're fishing the method feeder be sure to stay near your rod as takes will generally be very aggressive! 

The Location

Many Lochs are full of coarse species, but if you don't feel like heading to a loch, there are various Commercial Coarse Fisheries that you can visit! Below we have listed a couple of ideal Fisheries that you should consider visiting:

You can also join the SFCA. The SFCA is the Scottish Governing Body for the sport of Coarse Angling. It was established in the early 1970’s and is committed to the protection of coarse fish stocks in Scotland. They cover a wide range of waters, including the Lowland Canals.