Staff Picks - Best Value For Money Buys

We all like getting the most out of our fishing budget, our staff are anglers and they're always keeping an eye out instore for the best value for money buys. 

This month the Glasgow Front Shop Team have selected a bunch of things that have caught their eye.

Any fly angler knows you always need to be well-armed with flies for every situation. Bushcrafters and preppers say that if you've only got one then you've really got none and if you're fishing somewhere that's overgrown or snaggy then you know you're going to need more than one of that killer pattern to keep you fishing and more importantly catching. 

Flies By The Dozen

Some of us will buy a few different dozen packs between us and take 3/4/6 of each pattern to fill up our boxes or the whole dozen if it's a pattern we're going to be using all season.

Starting at £4.99 for a dozen flies and 100s of patterns to pick from these are just a bargain!


For specimen anglers, particularly Pike and Carp fishermen an unhooking mat is an essential bit of kit, this Greys Prodigy Mat is less than half price and well worth having in your gear for a session behind the alarms. 

The best thing about this is the Klip-On system, the mat folds and rolls away for easy carriage and clips onto your rucksack or carryall so you've no excuse for not having a mat handy when you're out on the bank. 


Over recent seasons the range and quality of soft plastics in the UK have expanded greatly, a walk along the lure sections in our shop will illustrate that. 

One of our Sick Selection Displays

We carry more loose lures than pretty much any shop in the country and Berkley's SICK range comes highly recommended by our predator anglers. Superb quality for the price and a range of styles and colours to target whatever you're fishing for. 

The Clearview range offers something for everyone, proper value for money from the Competition Boxes and Jumbo Storafly for your boat bag down to the Armour Slim Silicone Boxes that are ideal for slipping into your waistcoat. 
Click here to see the whole range

3 for 2 on these double-sided boxes

The Double-Sided Waterproof Clearview Boxes are the pick of the bunch in terms of bang for your buck though, from £5 each they're also on a 3 for 2 deal so you can mix and match sizes and styles to suit. Different coloured latches make them easy to identify at a glance and obviously they're clear so you can see the patterns before you flip them open saving you hassle on the water.

If you travel light when you're fishing and like to have everything close to hand this compact vest is the perfect balance between the comfort and accessibility of a Fly Vest and a the capacity of a full Chest Pack. 

Compact Vest With Plenty of Storage

For less than £30 you get a quality bit of gear with

  • Two main chest pockets for bigger items
  • Four slim pockets for polyleaders and tippet material.
  • Heavy-duty outer for attaching tools and zingers plus two small D-rings
  • D-ring for your net on the back
  • Plus a convenient removable fly patch that can be worn on either side.

Abu have just celebrated their 100 year anniversary, they've been producing proven fish catching lures since the very beginning. There's a range of multi packs and selections available but these 3 packs are super effective inexpensive lures that just work!


There's not really any fish you'd target with lures that can't be caught on a Toby, a Droppen or a Stinger and you simply have to have some in your box.

These rods were cracking for the money at full price, they're now available for under £50


With four and six piece versions, these are superb to keep tucked in the car or stowed in your suitcase for heading away. The range is available in the most popular AFTMs and you can combo it up with a rod/reel.line for under £100 to get you fishing straight away.

Very much a while stocks last one! If you're looking for a quality rod to fish lures from the bank, the rocks or into the surf then these are absolutely cracking.

These super distinctive high performance rods are fantastic value for money, fast actioned responsive and perfectly balanced.

We've recently expanded the range of these so there's a bit of something for everyone from 2000-7000 sizes. If you need a sturdy budget reel it's between these Mitchell MX1 and the best selling Shimano FX ranges for your best bet.

Manager Specials 

Every month we've got a fresh list of Manager's Specials, check them out HERE.

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