Staff Picks For Stillwaters - Tackle Choices for the Start of the Trout Season

The sun has made an appearance, time to get out on the banks and chase Trout! We've asked the Edinburgh Staff to pick out what's on their pick list for starting strongly on the fisheries and lochs this year.

Rio Midge Tip Fly Lines

Midge Tip Taper

Lines like this can make all the difference, Rio's Midge Tip (in all weights) is an absolutely fantastic line for buzzer/nymph fishing and probably the line that's caught me most of my fish on stillwaters over the last five years. When the fish are just under the surface with tell tale head tail rises and your floating line  just doesn't seem to do the trick, a Midge Tip is the answer.

Daiwa Silvercreek Fly Rods

Performance on a budget from a trusted brand, we'd pick these out as an excellent purchase for anyone looking to get into stillwater trout fishing without breaking the bank, these rods are made to a high standard and despite the low price point they cast beautifully.

Greys Fin Cassette Reel

Greys sleek FIN Cassette Reel

Every stillwater angler needs a cassette reel, it's a massive money  and space saver when compared to buying multiple spare spools for a normal reel. Competition anglers can have dozens and as just about every stillwater angler has at least three lines, it's a no-brainer! There are lots of cassette reels available but the new FIN from Greys stands out as a sleek modern take on the design.

Daiwa Game Bib & Brace

No such thing as bad weather only bad clothing choices, another one from Scottish/Japanese company Daiwa. If you're fishing in the UK you'll want to keep warm and dry while waiting for summer to make an appearance. A good Bib & Brace is absolutely essential, matched with a good waterproof and you can endure stormy days on the bank or resist waves coming over the gunnels and a few of us reckon the Daiwa Game range as a proper set of fishing waterproofs.

Simms Guide Vest

Any Fly Fisher needs a Fly Vest, we all carry a multitude of handy gadgets on our waistcoats. Sling packs are handy but you really need to keep some things close to hand. Simms Guide Vest with its 26 pockets can hold a ton of tackle with room to spare. If we have to pick one off the peg for ourselves it's this and the Simms Freestone but the capacity on the Guide Vest pushes it over the edge.

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