Staff Picks For the River - Tackle Choices for the Start of the Trout Season

The Brown Trout Season in Scotland kicks off on the 15th March, we're always available for advice & recommendations. There are some seriously good anglers on the staff and lots of guys that just love to fish so here's a few picks the guys in our Edinburgh Store have put together to get you off to a flyer this year. 

Simms Tributary Waders

A good pair of waders is essential for any river angler,  the Simms Tributary range has quickly become one of the best selling wader combos in our store - and for good reason! These waders and the Striker boots are both extremely hardwearing and reliable. Backed by Simms excellent customer service and aftercare, there's a reason why they are THE brand of choice for waders on our team so these are a must-have. 

RIO Products Line Dressing & Wonder Cloth

Fly lines can be expensive pieces of kit and at customer services often get asked how to look after them and extend their lifetime,  a few minutes taking care of a line will get your lines clean and fresh for the new season. Flylines go through a lot, especially on the river but a bit of care will make casting a much more enjoyable experience and keep your line in good nick for longer. 

Orvis Flow Nipper

You need a good strong reliable set of nippers to cut leaders and save your teeth,  there are loads of quality nippers available but Callum has had these Orvis ones for a few years and would recommend them to anyone.

Fishpond Floatant Holder

You NEED to have Floatant but you also need to know where it is and have it handy,  when you're on the bank there's no point digging through your vest or bag when you need floatant or sinkant hunting for one of the many bottles of Gink you're sure you've bought. Clip one of these holders onto a D-Ring or a Zinger to keep them where you need them.

Orvis Tippet Retainer Tool

Another one that saves you time when you're fishing and stops you buying duplicates,  Grant often fishes the river right into darkness to get the best of the evening rise so this is Orvis Tippet Tool lets him easily get to his tippet material and keep it in neat order. 

Vac-Rac Rod Holders

This is more common with Salmon anglers but if you're going to be covering several pools you want to spend the maximum time fishing, Callum and one of our former colleagues Cuillin Rae have found ability to chuck the rods on the car and move off down the river has been a huge advantage for them. Saving the time of taking everything down just to move and set it all back up again can make all the difference.

Check out our Edinburgh Store's Facebook Page and if you're in the area pop in and pick the guys brains about any fishing discipline. 

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