Tying a Clouser Minnow with Davie McPhail

Today we are looking at the Clouser Minnow, tied by Davie McPhail. Originally created in the late 80's as a Smallmouth Bass fly Bob Clouser, a fishing guide, fly tier and tackle shop owner in Middletown, PA. The Clouser Minnow has caught all over the world. Lefty Kreh once said, “If I had to choose only one fly to fish, for any species, anywhere in the world, it would be the Clouser Minnow.” In 1994, he wrote that when he had caught 63 species of fish on the Clouser. These flies are incredibly popular amongst Saltwater and Destination Fly Anglers, many of which use this fly for targeting Bonefish! It's a simple fly to tie, however many modern fly tyers don't utilize some of the original techniques created by Bob Clouser, the man behind the fly pattern. Get a few of these tied for your next day at the coast fishing for Pollock, they'll be an instant hit!

All of the materials needed to tie this fly are available from Glasgow Angling Centre as listed below, but as always, if you need any help finding materials or substitutes then we'll be happy to help. Time to tie the Clouser Minnow, with the guidance of Davie McPhail. 

Materials Used:

Additional materials: Additionally, Davie made use of Varnish, which he applied to the head after completing the fly.

Davie's preferred type of whip finish tool can be found HERE!