First Look at the new Savage Gear SG Reel Range!

Introducing the New Savage Gear Reels!

Check out this in-depth video with Mads Grossell, the genius behind the Savage Gear range and Robert Valkeneer the head of Product Development.

More than two years of development and intensive testing across the world - and now it’s finally here: The all-new range of Savage Gear Spinning reels.

The range is available for Pre-Order NOW on our website with stock due in November

We got a sneak peek at the range and they are a really impressive family of reels. There's been a lot of thought put into them and they feel fantastic straight out of the box.
We're going to spool them up and put them through their paces this Autumn, just ask instore if you want a look at these cracking Front Drag reels before they come to market.


The Savage Reel Family (SG2, SG4, SG6 and SG8) come in sizes 1.000-4.000 and covers every need for the modern angler. Spinning, jerking, twitch or jigging – there is a reel for your fishing too!​
Designed from scratch to suit the exacting standards of Savage Gear The reels feature cutting edge tech, high-quality materials and are manufactured under strict quality control.​

SG2 Reel

Made from a super strong graphite composite material that offers strength, lightweight and corrosion resistant, the SG2 is an affordable spinning reel that’s built to last. It features many unique technological advances that you would not expect to find on a reel at this price point including the proprietary Dura Grease that protects against corrosion and wear, an aluminium handle with soft-touch knob, custom made T-clip that’s easy to use, and a spare graphite spool. CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER

SG4 Reel

Constructed with a body and rotor made from a super strong graphite composite material, the SG4 spinning reels are tough, durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant. 
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Besides offering you the power that you need when you need it; these reels include a host of other exclusive innovations. Proprietary Dura Grease, an aluminium spool and a spare aluminium spool and soft-touch handle. But the reel’s party trick is its ultra-smooth Friction Control drag system that uses washers made from carbon fibre offering unrivalled power and silky smoothness. It will make playing fish as much of a joy as it is to finally get them into the net.
SG6 Reel

To make a reel with peerless strength and power you have to make some compromises, right? Wrong. The SG6 is made with a Carbon Reinforced Composite (CRC) body and rotor, which is designed to increased stiffness and strength but with a much lower weight that standard graphite material. It can handle whatever extreme forces you throw at it, and it won’t weigh you down.

But it’s not all about strength, the SG6 is packed with other smart details such as a Braid-Ready spool that eliminates the need for mono backing, Savage Gear's proprietary Dura Grease for smooth and long-lasting operation, an aluminium spool, screw-in diecast handle and T-shaped line clip for easier operation.

Pre-Order Available NOW

SG8 Reel

The SG8 is a feature-packed monster constructed with a strong, stiff and lightweight Carbon Reinforced Composite (CRC) body and rotor. Excellent and long-lasting performance is guaranteed thanks to a sealed Friction Control drag system that uses carbon fibre washers, which deliver unrivalled stiffness, smoothness and fish-stopping power.

An impressive 10+1 stainless steel ball bearings (including two Japanese ball bearings) ensure reliable performance even under heavy use. It also has many characteristics that make it a pleasure to use, such a T-shaped line grip, non-slip spool eliminating the need to use mono backing and an ergonomic EVA handle.

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Whether you go target Pike, Perch, Trout, Bass, Salmon – or even Barramundi, Snakehead and Peacock Bass Savage Gear got a reel for you.​

Pre-Order available now at the Glasgow Angling Centre
Reels are due in from Savage Gear Autumn 2021