Tying an Olive Snatcher Wet Fly with Davie McPhail

Today we are looking at the Olive Snatcher, tied by Davie McPhail. The Olive Snatcher was originally created to be an imitation of a large buzzer pupae on Scottish  Lochs, however, it finds great results in still waters. These flies are very versatile and work very well when Trout are swimming around the upper layers of the water. Like Davie says in his video, this Snatcher can be tied in various colours on different size hooks. A great addition to any Wet fly box!

All of the materials needed to tie this fly are available from Glasgow Angling Centre as listed below, but as always, if you need any help finding materials or substitutes then we'll be happy to help. Time to tie a Barney Google Midge Pupa Fly, with the guidance of Davie McPhail. 

Materials Used:
Hook: Fulling Mill Sper Grub size 12
Thread: Uni-8/0 Olive Ribs: Small Gold Wire and Medium UTC Opal Mirage Tinsel Bidy: Olive Diamond Brite Dubbing Body Hackle: Olive Cock or Hen Front Hackle: Light Ginger Hen dyed Olive Eye's/Wing-Buds: Dyed Flu-Yellow Jungle Cock or Goose Biot

Additional materials: Additionally, Davie made use of Varnish, which he applied to the thread after completing the fly.

Davie's preferred type of whip finish tool can be found HERE!