Tying a Rough Olive Dry Fly with Davie McPhail

The Rough Olive, a traditional Dry Fly which has found great popularity amongst new and experienced fly anglers alike. This fly is a year-round favourite but finds most of its success in Scotland around Autumn, just towards the end of the Season. As Davie explains, there are many big hatches of insects during this time and a Rough Olive is perfect for imitating all of these flies. Regardless of where you are, on the bank of your local river, a reservoir or a wild stream, the Rough Olive Dry Fly will provide results time, after time. 

All of the materials needed to tie this fly are available from Glasgow Angling Centre as listed below, but as always, if you need any help finding materials or substitutes then we'll be happy to help. Time to tie a Rough Olive Dry Fly, with the guidance of Davie McPhail.

Materials Used:
Hook: Fulling Mill Ultimate Dry size 14s and 16s Thread: Uni-8/0 Olive Tail: Coq-de-Leon Fibres Body: Dark Olive Squirrel Dubbing Hackle: Grizzle Cock dyed Olive Wing: Roe Deer Hair or Similar

Additional materials: Additionally, Davie made use of Varnish, which he applied to the thread after completing the fly.

Davie's preferred type of whip finish tool can be found HERE!