Tying a Barney Google Midge Pupa with Davie McPhail

The Barney Google Midge Pupa is a fly designed by Richard Walker who wrote a book in the 70's called 'Fly Dressing Innovations' and this was one of his featured Midge flies. He based this design off of the Phantom Midge or otherwise known as the 'Glassworm'. The reason it's called the Phantom Midge is that the larvae are actually transparent and can be found in every type of water, up and down the UK. These flies are excellent all year round and have been found to be quite effective when targeting Grayling!

All of the materials needed to tie this fly are available from Glasgow Angling Centre as listed below, but as always, if you need any help finding materials or substitutes then we'll be happy to help. Time to tie a Barney Google Midge Pupa Fly, with the guidance of Davie McPhail. 

Materials Used:
Hook: Fulling Mill Czech Nymph size 14 or something similar Thread: Uni-8/0 White Body: Uni-Mylar Clear No.14 or a narrow strip of clear Polythene Throat: Mallard Flank or similar Eyes: Veniards Red Bead Damsel Eyes

Additional materials: Additionally, Davie made use of Varnish, which he applied to the thread after completing the fly.

Davie's preferred type of whip finish tool can be found HERE!