Trout & Salmon Recommends 2020 - Stillwater Fuze

The Reel Deal

In a recent edition of the Trout & Salmon Magazine, around page 100 you will find their segment for the latest fishing gear for discerning game anglers. As of last year, Stillwater released a brand new fly reel called the Fuze. A lightweight, high-quality Aluminium fly reel that features optimised spoke design and a reliable disc-drag system. Well, the good folk from Trout & salmon decided to review the reel and give it their seal of recommendation. Below you can read the review:

"While we'd all love to own a beautifully engineered fly reel, something we could appreciate as a piece of angling art every time we fixed it to our rod, many of us cannot afford to invest in such piscatorial pampering - especially when a more reasonably priced reel will do more or less the same job.

The Fuze from Stillwater meets the main needs of a modern fly-fisher: it's made from light aluminium, has a large arbour and reliable disc drag. True, it doesn't have the Swiss watch detail or Space Age finish of the prestige brands but it is strong and durable. The reel foot, handle, drag knob and captive spool-release nut are aluminium, not plastic and are finished in an eye-catching green. The drag knob has more travel on it than a top-end reel, but it has plenty of range and the drag is surprisingly smooth with plenty of stopping power.

The Large arbour spool picks up line rapidly and provides ample capacity: 5/6wt 100yd/20lb; 7/8wt 180yd/20lb. It is supplied in a protective cloth bag."