Quick Codding

Gordon, who works in the Edinburgh Angling Centre to the chance to squeeze in a local Cod fishing session with his fishing buddy Alan on his day off last week.

Due to time constraints they decided on a mark within an hours drive from Edinburgh. After some thought and a suggestion from a friend, they headed down the coast to Cove, Berwickshire to fish the harbour and adjacent headland. 

Cove Harbour (image from Walk Highlands)
Access to deep water close in and a series of gullies made it a likely looking spot on google maps but you can only tell so much from overhead views, some hints and a bit of digging around online.

The forecast weather hadn’t materialised so conditions were far from ideal and as the tide was halfway through the ebb so they quickly chose a mark and set their gear. 

The pair’s first casts resulted in a lost rig each and they were soon to discover that this was a very snaggy mark. Gordon’s second cast resulted in a thumping bite and after a brief fight, he was rewarded with a 5lb Cod. 

Gordon's Cod

After the rush to set up and the disappointing conditions this was a result and the session looked like it was going to be a productive one. That might have been counting your chickens though and for the next few hours only a Rockling was caught before it was time to pack up.

Gordon was using his Century Kompressor paired with a Penn Fathom 25 reel, loaded with 40lb Berkley Trilene to get his baits out there over the snaggy ground. 

His rig of choice was a 3/0, 2/0 Pennel rig baited with a selection of frozen baits Mussel, Peeler Crab and Black Lugworm. The worm baits require long-shank hooks especially if you're making up cocktail bait to add flavour and tempt Cod in and you need the extra shank to hold and manoeuvre. There are lots of different types of baitingneedles Gordon favours the blunt, long type for large Lugworm baits. 

Preparing Lugworm
Ready for Hooking Up

Cove is definitely a mark Gordon is keen to try again ideally under different conditions as it shows great promise to produce some excellent Cod fishing with some more scouting out and hopefully better weather.