Recycling Centre

Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme Renew Products

The ANLRS have been working to take out MILLIONS of meters of fishing line from the environment. Working alongside innovative recycling manufacturers ReWorked they are developing a range of products as well as providing raw materials. Making use of vast knowledge and experience than spans decades in all aspects of waste collection treatment and its end use.


These Rod Racks made out of Recycled Lines and Spools are available through our website HERE with the proceeds going to fund the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme they're perfect for your fishing layer.

More than a talking point, these are well made industrial quality racks that would look superb in your garage or fishing hut.

600 YEARS 
The amount of time it takes for heavy mono filament to degrade in landfill. Fluoro, Braid, plastic spools and flylines can all be around for centuries.

Discarded line poses a threat to wildlife and the image of the angling sector. Fishermen care about the places they fish, we are the river keepers, club members and caretakers on the bank so it's our responsibility to dispose of our line safely.

Currently the only options for the disposal of used line. The Line Recycling Scheme are working to establish recycling and reusing materials a viable alternative and particularly into Angling Related Products.

About 400 million meters of line discarded annually. Here at Fishingmegastore we've been collecting line in our recycling bins, this season they've started taking Flylines and Plastic Spools too, if you're respooling your reels this winter, gather up the line and come along to customer services.

Would your club be interested in a litter bin made from recycled fishing lines and spools? The award winning ANLRS are working to create more products to help keep even more discarded fishing line out of landfill and off our river banks in years to come.