What Is SGAIC?

SGAIC Scottish Game Angling Instructors Certificate

When learning something new becomes a little difficult, you'll seek out advise and help from those who are more experienced in what you’re trying to understand. When it comes to the likes of single hand fly fishing or Spey casting for Salmon, a qualified instructor is the simplest way to ensure you're getting the best advice. However you learned to fly fish, if you're looking to polish your skills or learn a new style a casting instructor is probably the most efficient way to level up your casting.

We've got several SGAIC qualified casting instructors in the Glasgow Angling Centre, the Scottish Game Angling Instructors Certificate is awarded to anglers who prove their knowledge and expertise through various Assessments, as well as passing a first aid training course, a Safeguarding Children course and passing disclosure checks. Once instructors have passed these necessary courses, they are awarded an SGAIC and become a fully licensed Instructors.

SGAIC Instructors Assessment Weekend

Some instructors seek to become independent and tailor their knowledge and expertise into 1-to-1 sessions. Others become instructors simply to improve skills they already possess whilst helping friends and family in the sport.

If you are looking to find an instructor, you can visit the SGAIC website and search for instructors across Scotland.

If you're in Glasgow and looking for some advice, pop into the shop and ask Jim, Dougie, Davie or one of the other instructors we have working instore and check out some of their blogs online.


Anyone who has attended our Open Weekend events will know we have SGAIC and AAPGAI qualified instructors like John Milne and Scott Mackenzie on hand to help you with your Fly Fishing questions.

John Instructing at the Glasgow Angling Centre Open Weekend
John is usually out at the casting pool all day, while world champion casting champion Scott has timetabled masterclasses across the weekend.

Becoming an Instructor:

As well as finding an instructor, you can also investigate how to become an instructor just like those listed on the SGAIC website.

The courses to become an instructor involve both single-Handed fishing and Double-Handed fishing techniques mostly across the close season October - April.

On successful completion of the course candidates will be awarded the Scottish Game Angling Instructors Certificate (SGAIC). The certificate is widely recognised as a prestigious instructor’s award and allows candidates to register with SANA as a licensed Instructor. After successfully achieve your SGAIC, you can further your progress to more advanced qualifications such as the AAPGAI.