RNLI at the Autumn Open Weekend.

The RNLI Safety Roadshow have confirmed they will attend our Autumn Open Weekend Event on the 27th, 28th and 29th of September 2019!

One bit of equipment that could let you be your own life-saver is a lifejacket but these are only effective if they’re in good condition and regularly maintained. The RNLI will be holding a clinic at our Open Weekend  where specially-trained volunteers will inspect your lifejacket, help you find and fix any problems and show you how to carry out your own safety checks .
Lifejacket inspections at the Open Weeeknd

We sat down with Phil Denham from the RNLI to discuss just how important the simple device can be.
Phil said: “The RNLI have launched a campaign to promote lifejackets for anglers. You may also have seen the Henry Gilbey videos online promoting the use of lifejackets. Henry admits he didn’t wear a lifejacket for years, until a tragedy where two brothers drowned on one of his local marks spurred him to get involved and help promote safe angling."

While a lifejacket check isn’t a substitute for a complete qualified annual service, it will find blatant faults and these clinics can be lifesavers. Phil told us: 
A chap came to our clinic at the Scottish boat show, his lifejacket had a couple of faults that meant it would not have worked. We were able to re-arm and make it fit for purpose again. A few months later we were holding a clinic at the Holy Loch when the same chap lost his footing on his vessel and fell overboard.
His lifejacket inflated immediately and, with some difficulty, he was helped back to the pontoon and pulled from the water. Later in the day, when he was warm and dry, he came to our stand to explain that the lifejacket he was wearing was the one we had re-armed.
Without his visit a few months prior, he would have been wearing a useless lifejacket and the outcome of the incident could have been different.
Bring along your lifejacket to the Open Weekend at the end of the month and they'll be able to inspect it and give you pointers on how to maintain and keep you safe on the water. 
Anyone wanting to contact the RNLI for a lifejacket check can get in touch via their website, rnli.org, or through your local lifeboat station’s community safety officer.
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